Ian Harford

International hunter, competitive marksman and prolific outdoor writer, Ian Harford is one of the Europe’s most renowned hunting personalities and a pioneer in the art of big game hunting with an airgun.

Ian enjoys a wide range of sporting activities in addition to his lifelong interest in shooting sports. He has a passion for hunting and spends most of the year wing shooting and big game hunting across the globe.

Ian’s passion for shooting was ignited as a young man through airguns and he regularly competes in Hunter and Field Target competitions at an international level. His performances have placed him amongst the World’s Elite airgun marksmen, winning several national titles.

An accomplished writer and outdoor blogger, Ian writes regular columns for many hunting and outdoor publications and creates multimedia content about his international hunting trips & competitions, product reviews and a general insight into the world of shooting sports.

As Realtree’s Chief International Pro Staff, Ian is responsible for building the new team of ‘Realtree Europe Field Pros’ and assists in the development of firearms, clothing and accessories for some of the worlds leading manufacturers.

Ian is also founder and presenter of the World’s most popular online hunting channel ‘Team Wild TV’ publishing new and unique videos from across the spectrum of hunting and outdoor pursuits, attracting millions of viewers every month from across the globe.

When he’s not shooting, Ian is also CEO of Countryman Fairs – the UK’s leading group of field sports events and home to some of the world’s most prestigious country sports championships.

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