Terry Tate

Terry Tate was raised on his family’s cattle ranch in northeast Texas and still lives there today. He started hunting at a very early age as most country kids do, with a BB gun, and then a Benjamin pump .22 caliber was found under the Christmas tree that changed his life forever.

As he grew older he graduated to firearms, muzzle loaders, traditional bow hunting and then crossbows came into the picture but he never lost his love for airguns and airgun hunting. He is also fascinated with the history of making airguns and how they work.

Almost 15 years has passed since he was introduced to big bore airgun hunting. Now Terry hunts exclusively with airguns and hopes to continue hunting shooting and promoting airguns for Crosman.

Living in Texas has allowed Terry to hunt a wide variety of big game animals with airguns even though he still enjoys small bore hunting and shooting. Hogs and Axis are Terry’s favorite and he takes them often as they have been the free range meat supply for his family for many years.