While big bore pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns have been around since before Lewis and Clark, electro pre-charged pneumatic (ePCP) technology is new, patent pending, and exclusive to Benjamin! The various ePCP components perform collectively to provide a new categoy of hunting air rifle boasting might and versatility.

Rogue’s patent pending electronic valve (eVALVE™) technology provides precise reglation of pressure in the air reservoir, resulting in more shots per fill through the efficient control of pressure.

If you’re accustomed to hunting with rimfire and small-to-medium bore centerfire, you’ll be surprised by the accuracy and stealth of this air rifle. Rogue’s shrouded barrel makes it quieter than any firearm you might choose, and with virtually no recoil, its accuracy is amazing.


The Rogue is the ultimate predator weapon: the shrouded barrel keeps it quiet and after punching up a bullet weight of90-135 grains and selecting the MEDIUM power setting, you can expect 125fpe and up to 13 shots per fill for targets up to 100 yards downrange.

No bacon is safe when you have the Benjamin Rogue: dial in your bullet weight of 145-190 grains, set the power to HIGH, and you will have 200fpe for game up to 75 yards.  And with up to four shots per fill, you won’t have to hike back to the truck after just one pull of the trigger.

“Five years from now the airgun community will look back and say that the Benjamin ePCP Rogue changed the perception of hunting with an airgun.”

- Tom Gaylord, Airgun Writer, Blogger and Historian

Like all PCP airguns, the Rogue gets its power from an external source of compressed air such as the Benjamin hand pump or the new high pressure 4500psi air tank.  Rogue’s single reservoir has a capacity of 3000psi and can yield from 4-20 shots depending upon the settings.

For the ultimate hunting set up, choose additional pre-drilled 1/2″ Picatinny rails that easily mount on your Rogue and allow for the use of lasers, flashlights and other shooting accessories. One rail is included under the foregrip.

The Rogue rifle boasts a two-stage, adjustable, electronic eTRIGGER™ delivering a crisp and consistent break of a match-grade trigger for improved accuracy and maximum control. The eTRIGGER’s electronic firing system enhances the Rogue rifle’s extremely swift lock-time (the length of time between the trigger being squeezed and the bullet exiting the barrel. Significantly quicker than a traditional PCP powerplant, the eTRIGGER feature reduces the window for aiming error.

With anywhere from 4-20 shots available, you’re going to need a magazine and the Rogue features a rotary multi-shot clip that can hold six .357 caliber bullets.

The rifle offers an integrated 3/8″ dovetail-style rail for convenient mounting of optics.  We recommend the CenterPoint Adventure Class 4-16x40mm scope with adjustable objective).

Benjamin Rogue .357


In order to stabilize the unique, .357 caliber bullets, the Rogue’s barrel is rifled with a faster twist rate. The .357 caliber Rogue is capable of sending a 175 grain bullet downrange at more than 800fps with up to 250fpe.  Choose from three new .357 caliber bullets:

Benjamin eXTREME™ by Nosler®

The first airgun bullet to incorporate Nosler’s famous Ballistic Tip technology, these unique big bore airgun bullets perform predictably and with deep penetrating, terminal performance. Positioned in the mouth of the lead bullet is Nosler’s red polymer tip, designed to resist deformation and incrrease downrange terminal velocities. The eXTREME bullet features a hollow base that allows for precise control in the barrel and optimum use of the selected pressure. 145 grains • .176 ballistic coefficient • .162 sectional density

Benjamin Pursuit™

The new Benjamin Pursuit bullets award optimal terminal performance due to their specially developed lead and alloy blend.  Softer than traditional lead bullets, the Pursuit bullets form effectively to the barrel of the rifle, keeping air pressure from escaping. The stepped bands drive the bullets through the air rifle with more efficiency than found with conventional .357 caliber bullets. 175 grain Round Nose • 90 grain Hollow Point