With a cost of entry over a thousand dollars, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air guns have long been the dominion of european owners. Designed in New York, Benjamin has produced  the ultimate line of PCP hunting air guns that match its overseas cousins at an unbeatable price.

The trademark of PCP rifles and pistols is the large capacity air reservoir capable of multiple shots before recharging. When you pull the two-stage, adjustable, match-grade trigger on a Benjamin PCP, the loudest sound you hear is the pellet hitting your target.

These guns can be charged with a variety of scuba tank adaptors or our triple-chambered hand pump designed specifically for PCP guns.  Each gun features a pressure gauge so you’ll know exactly what to expect from every shot.

Marauder Rifle

The dual-fuel, multi-shot and ultra-quiet line of Marauder are just what you’re looking for when it comes to stealth and knockdown power in the woods.  A powerhouse of sophistication and quiet accuracy, this rifle features a choked and internally shrouded barrel for awesome precision and hushed shooting.  The raised breech and heavy duty pull bolt make loading the gun and mounting a scope a snap while follow-up shots are fast and smooth due to the auto-indexing clip.

  • Custom choked barrel system for consistent accuracy
  • Internal barrel shroud creates a sound-dampening chamber so quiet, game will never hear the shot that gets them
  • Foster fitting and variety of adaptors makes filling from most any source a breeze
  • Operates superbly between 2,000 and 3,000 PSI
  • Onboard air gauge keeps you in the hunt
  • Dual fual capability: go with compressed air or CO2
  • Foster fitting and variety of adaptors makes filling from most any source a breeze
  • Multi-shot clip (10 shots for .177 and .22 calibers, 8 shots for .25 caliber)

The Benjamin Marauder is available in three configurations:

.177 caliber Popular among field target competitors, with pellets traveling at 1100fps with 28fpe, it’s also a hot little number for pest control.

.22 caliber From rodents up to raccoons, at 1000fps and 32fpe, this is one versatile rifle.

.25 caliber Whether it’s groundhogs past 110 yards or close-in coyotes, at 900fps and 49fpe they won’t even hear the shot that gets them.

Marauder Pistol

Designed for the handgun hunter, the Marauder PCP Air Pistol is remarkably quiet and accurate out to 33 yards with velocities up to 700fps.  This pistol packs the great features of its larger cousins into an accurate, quiet and easy to handle package:

  • Crisp, two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Choked and shrouded barrel
  • Air pressure gauge
  • 8-shot clip
  • Scope mount (scope not included)
  • Stock extension

Available in .22 caliber.

Marauder Woods Walker Pistol

Treestand hunters know the frustration of woodland critters disturbing a hunt, from squirrels to raccoons. Break up the boredome while waiting for The Big One with the Marauder Woods Walker. It fists nicely into a pack and has a report that won’t disturb deer.

  • Features Realtree AP® camo to keep you hidden
  • CenterPoint Multi-Tac red dot optic included
  • Shrouded barrel makes this pistol very quiet
  • Included shoulder stock
  • 8-shot clip

Available in .22 caliber.


Take control of the backyard with the trouble-free, highly accurate Discovery PCP Air Rifle from Benjamin™.

  • 2000 PSI fill level
  • Onboard air gauge
  • Dual fuel system means great performance using either compressed air or CO2

The .177 caliber model features velocities up 1000fps while the .22 caliber fires up to 900 fps.  Both are available bundled with the Benjamin™ High Pressure Pump.:

.177 caliber (gun only)

.177 caliber with pump

.22 caliber (gun only)

.22 caliber with pump