PERFORMANCE: More than just a piston
Over one million dollars and thousands of man hours of research went into the development of the most advanced break barrel piston system on the planet.

The precision engineered piston delivers more speed and power while reducing the cocking effort, topped off with an incredibly crisp trigger. The result is a shooting experience that is simply unexpected in a break barrel air rifle.

Only Crosman could build Nitro Piston 2 and we're doing it right here in America.
Every aspect of Nitro Piston 2 was scrutinized, reconsidered and engineered to deliver shooters the very best experience in a break barrel air rifle. American ingenuity, patent pending features, and precision manufacturing highlight the finest, affordable gas piston system available today.
Every Nitro Piston 2 rifle is matched with the new Clean Break Trigger (CBT™) to complete the shooting experience. Featuring an ambidextrous safety lever, the two-stage CBT is factory preset at five pounds and has an adjustable stage transition.

Count on the predictable, smooth, clean breaking trigger to keep you on target every time.
Developed in conjunction with the Nitro Piston 2, the Crosman Baffling System defies conventional attempts at controlling airgun sound signatures.

Traditional airgun baffles are multi-piece units made of basic materials and simply strip air. Crosman's unique K-style baffle system redirects air through a complex series of seven chambers in an all-in-one design constructed from glass-filled nylon for added strength.
Conventional wisdom says more power requires more effort. Not with Nitro Piston 2. While power has increased 35%, the effort to cock the rifle has been reduced by up to a remarkable ten pounds. With less energy spent cocking the gun, you'll be a more accurate shooter.
The Nitro Piston 2 powerplant will debut with the Benjamin Trail in two calibers and three fantastic finishes. Find them online or at your favorite sporting goods store and check back all year for new releases featuring Nitro Piston 2.
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