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An unexpected benefit of carrying the Marauder Pistol during deer season is staying in the woods longer, says Prostaffer Chip Hunnicutt:
"The secret to bagging a deer? Being in the woods. And sometimes - most times - sitting in a stand all day can get slow. Then you hear it. That faint scratch of leaves. Right. Behind. You. He's coming....and when you move to's not a buck but a squirrel scurrying across the forest floor. That's where the Marauder Pistol is nice to have in my pack. 
I can remove the included stock and slip the gun inside my pack or leave it attached and lash it to the outside. Either way, I've got 3000 PSI of compressed squirrel skewering air power in a package quiet enough not to spook deer that may be lurking nearby.
With a range of 40 yards, the only reason I have to leave the woods is the sun going down."

The Treestand Companion Kit includes:

- Benjamin Marauder PCP pistol with shoulder stock accessory
- CenterPoint 2x Pistol Scope with dovetail rings
- An additional 8-round magazine
- 2 packs of Benjamin Ultimate Hunting Pellet Assortment (includes 100 each of 14.3gr pellets: Domed Magnum, Hollow Point, Super Point and Pointed Expanding)

Need help picking the right adaptor to fill your PCP airgun?
Click here to view the PCP Fill Guide
Chip Hunnicutt has pursued a wide variety of fish and game and used this experience to develop two iPhone apps for scoring trophy animals. He tweets for Crosman as @crosmancorp and manages the company's Facebook Page.
  • Specifications Overview

  • Model NumberPROPICK007
  • VelocityUp to 700 fps
  • Weight2.7 lbs
  • Length18 in
  • MechanismBolt Action
  • Power SourcePCP
  • Caliber.22
  • AmmunitionPellets
  • Capacity8 Shot Clip
  • BarrelRifled Steel
  • SafetyCross-bolt
  • StockSynthetic
  • ColorBlack

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