Undead Annihilator Pack

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When your back is against the wall and you're surrounded by the undead, there's only one option....


"Make your own exit with the Undead Annihilator Pack. Go full-auto with the M4S from Game Face and you've got 300 rounds in the hopper to blast your way through, plus the accuracy to ensure they don't get back up. Every serious undead annihilator needs a good sidearm and the TACZ11 is perfect for stealth takedowns. Add a laser to the weaver-style rails and single-shot efficiency will make you legendary among the zombie elite."


The Undead Annihilator Pack includes:

- Crosman M4S airsoft rifle

- Undead Apocalypse TACZ11 airsoft pistol

- 10,000 rounds of .12g ammunition

- Full-face airsoft mask

Durango Tahr has survived undead uprisings in remote areas around the globe. Most recently he served as a threat consultant for a big budget zombie feature film but when the producers failed to follow his recommendations due to cost concerns, the zombies ate most of the cast and filming ended.
  • Specifications Overview

  • Model NumberPROPICK020
  • VelocityUp to 200 fps
  • Weight2lbs 3oz
  • MechanismElectric
  • Power SourceRechargeable Battery
  • Caliber6mm Airsoft BBs
  • BarrelMetal
  • SafetyLever
  • ColorBlack and Green

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