.22 Ultimate Sampler Pack

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"When I want to get away for a while, I reach for a .22 airgun and hit the trail. It's a great all around caliber, packing enough power for most anything I may run across and flying with enough zip to reach the farthest branch or most challenging target. This sampler pack includes the hot new Powershot Red Flight Penetrator and the Destroyer hunting pellet plus the proven Domed, Hollow Point, Pointed and Lead Free rounds. The toughest part is deciding which .22 airgun I want to use!"


The ultimate sampler of Crosman .22 caliber ammunition includes:

  • 500 rounds of Domed 14.3gr
  • 175 rounds of Pointed 14.3gr
  • 500 rounds of Hollow Point 14.3gr
  • 175 rounds of Destroyer 14.3gr
  • 250 rounds of Lead Free Super Point 9.5gr
  • 100 rounds of Powershot Red Flight Penetrators 16.7gr
  • Specifications Overview

  • Model NumberPROPICK031
  • Weight14.3
  • Caliber.22
  • Quantity1700 count

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