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"Nothing embodies the West like a lever action. The Marlin Cowboy is easy to use, fun to use, and has the safety features parents want to see in a beginner's first BB gun."


When your li'l brush popper opens his first gun, make it memorable with the Marlin Cowboy. Classic in its look and feel, this is a rifle ideal for entry level shooters and intended to satisfy the demands of young shooters at any skill level.


The innovative ratcheted, lever helps protect young shooters from the annoying lever snapback noticed on some other lever action rifles. The ratcheted lever remains in position until it's fully cocked, before allowing it to gently return to the stock, no matter how far it's cocked. This BB air rifles is both lightweight and dependable, making it the right choice for developing lifelong shooting, marksmanship skills and for teaching safety.

The Marlin Cowboy features a stamped, all-metal receiver and a finely finished hardwood stock and forearm. The BB rifles comes with a front blade and an adjustable, notched rear sight. The reservoir holds up to 700 BBs, allowing for more shooting and less time reloading. The Marlin Cowboy features maximum velocities of up to 325 fps, ideal for plinking and target shooting.



Ride off into the sunset with the Brush Popper Pro Pick:
- Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle
- 2500 rounds of Copperhead BBs
- Pack of targets
- Shooting glasses

Chip Hunnicutt has pursued a wide variety of fish and game and used this experience to develop two iPhone apps for scoring trophy animals. He tweets for Crosman as @crosmancorp and manages the company's Facebook Page.
  • Specifications Overview

  • Model NumberPROPICK046
  • VelocityUp to 350 fps
  • Weight2.75 lbs
  • Length35.5 in
  • MechanismLever Action
  • Power SourceSpring
  • Caliber4.5 mm
  • AmmunitionBBs
  • BB Reservoir700
  • BarrelSmooth
  • Front SightFixed Blade
  • Rear SightAdjustable Notch
  • SafetyCross-bolt
  • StockWood

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