Benjamin® Rogue™ .357 Quick Start Guide


You are now the proud owner of one of the most advanced airguns ever produced: the Benjamin Rogue .357. To help get you started enjoying your new rifle, we have put together a series of videos that will illustrate how to operate the Rogue. Below you will also find a selection of Frequently Asked Questions and if you still have questions about your rifle, please use the Customer Service form to contact us directly via email or give us a call Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 1-800-7AIRGUN (800-724-7486).

Quick Start Videos

  • What's in the Box

  • Safety Features

  • Filling the Gun

  • Degassing (Depressurizing)

  • Loading the Clip

  • Firing the Rifle

Frequently Asked Questions

What game can be taken?
The Rogue is ideal for a variety of game, from raccoons and prairie dogs to coyotes and hogs up to 200 pounds.
What is the range of the Rogue?
Base on the settings of the EPiC panel, the Rogue is capable of taking prairie dog-sized game past 100 yards and coyotes up to 75 yards. Download our Capabilities Guide for recommendations.
How much recoil is there?
The Rogue has a recoil similar to a rimfire rifle.
Can any .357 caliber bullet be used?
Due to the unique barrel rifling of the Rogue, only soft lead bullets without lubrication in .357 caliber should be used.
Can the Rogue be filled with a hand pump?
Yes. The Rogue requires a high pressure pump capable of filling to 3000 PSI such as the Benjamin Hand Pump.
Where can I have a scuba or HPA air tank filled?
Check locally for dive shops or paintball fields. You can also contact a regional cylinder tester for businesses that will be able to fill your tank. Whether it is a dive shop, paintball field or some other business providing the service, if you have a 4500psi tank, confirm they can fill to that pressure. In our experience, tank fills range from $5 to $15.
Are the electronics waterproof?
No. All electronics are conformal coated to make them weather resistant.
How quiet is the Rogue?
Depending on the settings of the EPiC panel, noise levels average 88dB. This is similar to a .22 rimfire. For comparison, the normal talking voice is 60-70dB.
Is it legal to hunt in my state with the Rogue?
Nearly all states allow some form of hunting with airguns. We recommend you consult your state regulations and local ordinances before doing so.
In what situation(s) is degassing necessary?
Degassing, or depressurizing, the Rogue air rifle is necessary for airline travel, when the rifle has been filled beyond the 3000psi maximum, before clearing the barrel with a barrel rod or any situation in which air must be removed.
What do the batteries power and how long do they last?
The EPiC panel requires two (2) AA batteries to operate. We recommend lithium batteries which are estimated to last for 10,000 shots. Enabling the backlight on the EPiC panel will reduce battery life.

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