In an effort to help consumers choose an airgun that suits their needs, Crosman has developed a guide that categorizes some uses for airguns. We hope this guide will help you in your purchase decision.
  • * Pest Control and Hunting Game - If you choose to use your airgun for pest control or hunting, please note these additional considerations.
  • Laws and Regulations - It is your responsibility to be aware of any laws which may affect shooting of pests or hunting game in your area. Check with the local municipalities and conservation office where you intend to shoot. Follow all rules for safe and legal hunting and pest control.
  • Ammunition - When shooting at pests or hunting, pellets are recommended instead of BBs as they are generally more accurate.
  • Accuracy - Shot placement is critical, so never attempt to shoot at any animal until you have mastered aiming and accuracy. Practicing on paper targets is highly recommended.
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