3000 PSI Air Tank

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3000 PSI Air Tank
(Model Number: HPB3K)

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The Compressed Air Tank is designed for high pressure charging. The tank holds 72 cubic inches of compressed air. It is designed for 3000 PSI, but regulated to 2000 PSI output, a Crosman exclusive. With a full tank from your local dive shop or paintball shop you can charge your Discovery series rifle 6 to 8 times, that's a lot of shooting. For use with a Discovery series rifle you will need to purchase the FAH002 Dual Fuel Adaptor in addition to the Compressed Air Tank. Note due to very high pressures do not use this tank for paintball guns.

Where can I have a scuba or HPA air tank filled?

Check locally fordive shopsorpaintball fields. You can also contact aregional cylinder tester for businesses that will be able to fill your tank. Whether it is a dive shop, paintball field or some other business providing the service, confirm they can fill to 3000 PSI. In our experience, tank fills range from $5 to $15.

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