Maintaining Your Airsoft Gun

Take care of and maintain your Airsoft gun. Clean the exterior surface after field or CQB activities. Spray (sparingly) silicone lubricant or other non-petroleum-based lubricants on surface areas and thoroughly wipe the surface with a cloth until the surface is clean and dry.

Lightly Lubricate moving parts, Hop-Up and the barrel bore (use cleaning rod and cleaning patch). The frequency of lubrication depends on the amount and type of Airsoft use. When lubricating your Airsoft only use silicone lubricants and avoid petroleum-based lubricants as it will destroy seals. Only lubricate the magazine feed nozzle and BB canal if you had to remove dust/debris that may have entered the magazine. If lubricant is required to restore proper magazine functioning, use silicone lubricant sparingly and remove any excess lubricant with a Q-tip until the lubricated surface is dry. Otherwise, lubricating the magazine is not recommended.

With some magazines and fixed loading ports, BBs are loaded by inserting them against the resistance of a spring until the magazine or loading port is full, which means that the spring is fully compressed. Do not store magazines loaded with BBs. Over time, a fatigued magazine spring may not have enough tension to properly feed the BBs.

  • Do not modify or alter your airsoft gun. Tampering with the airsoft gun or attempts to change the airsoft gun in any way may make it unsafeto use, may cause serious injury or death and will void the warranty.
  • If you drop your airsoft gun, visually check to see that it works properly before you use it again. If anything seems changed, like a shorter or weaker trigger pull, this may mean parts are worn out or broken. Call Customer Service for assistance before using your airsoft gun again.

Adjusting the Sights

Rear Sight

The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.

To adjust for windage, use the dial on the side of the sight.

  • Turn clockwise to move the point of impact to the right.
  • Turn counter-clockwise to move the point of impact to the left.

To adjust for elevation, use the dial at the base of the sight.

  • Turn clockwise to move the point of impact up.
  • Turn counter-clockwise to move the point of impact down.

Front Sight

The front sight is adjustable for elevation. To raise the point of impact turn the sight clockwise. To lower the point of impact turn counter-clockwise.

Replacing the Fuse

  • Remove the hand guards.
  • Open the fuse box by pushing up the center latch.
  • Remove the fuse and replace with a new 20A glass tube fuse.
  • Close the fuse box.


Magazine does not feed consistently

Ensure that the BB canal of the magazine is clean and free of debris (dust). Test that the magazine BB tension spring is functioning properly. Check your owner's manual for further instructions.

Velocity drop

If you're using a gas-powered airsoft, you may be losing pressure and need to replace/recharge the power source. An AEG's battery may require recharging. A spring gun can develop spring fatigue (weakening) if the gun is left cocked for extended periods of time. If this happens the mainspring will require replacement in order to restore optimal performance. In airsoft guns equipped with a hop-up system, increasing hop-up will decrease FPS (this is normal). If you are using paint filled marker BBs or powder coated marker BBs, check for possible build up in the hop-up system and/or the barrel. Clean these areas in accordance with the maintenance instructions that came with your airsoft gun.

Battery no longer holds a charge/charge drains quickly

This is a clear sign of battery failure. Replace the battery. Remember, it is better for battery health that you deplete most of the charge prior to recharging, rather than subjecting the battery to unnecessarily frequent charge. Another tip is not to charge the battery beyond the duration specified in the charging instruction provided with your airsoft gun or battery, doing so will reduce the life of your battery. Overcharging is the leading cause of shortened battery life.

  • Occasionally shake the gun to ensure smooth BB feeding.
  • This is a high precision airsoft rifle. Prevent dust and dirt from getting into the magazine to help maintain the perforance of your airsoft rifle.
  • If the efficiency of BB feeding seems to decrease, remove all the BBs from the magazine and spray silicone oil for one to two seconds. (Note that the hop-up operation may become unstable for a while after using silicone oil).
  • An odor may be generated from the motor initially from a new airsoft gun, this is normal.
  • If the airsoft gun does not fire in semi-auto mode, follow safe shooting rules and turn the gun to full auto mode for five to ten seconds before returning to semi-auto mode.
  • Change the battery if firing cycle becomes slow.
  • Give the airsoft gun a rest for five to ten minutes after about 500 BBs have been fired.

Clearing a Jam

  • Never look down the end of barrel to see if a jam has been cleared.
  • Make sure the airsoft gun is "ON SAFE" and pointed in a safe direction.
  • Remove magazine.
  • Insert the tapered end of the cleaning rod into the barrel, with the angle toward the breech (where the magazine connects).
  • Carefully and slowly apply more pressure until you push the BB out of the breech.
  • Reinstall the magazine and test gun.