Feel the Power with Game Face Airsoft Guns

It’s time to absolutely dominate your next airsoft match. Whether you want full-auto mayhem or a careful single-shot experience, you can trust that Game Face has designed the airsoft kits, targets, and more you need for a good time.

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Prep For Your Next Airsoft Skirmish

Our airsoft guns are designed for speed, accuracy, and handling using a variety of powerplants. Here’s what we offer:

Spring Power

The classic airsoft powerplant. A spring-loaded piston is pulled back when the airsoft gun is cocked, then released when the trigger is pulled, launching the BB in the chamber with a pocket of compressed air.

Get a spring-powered airsoft rifle like our Game Face M14 for simple, straightforward shooting.

Electric Power

The secret to full-auto fun. When pulled, the trigger turns on a motor that repeatedly activates the firing mechanism for insanely fast autofire. Light up your airsoft game with an airsoft rifle like our Game Face GF76.

CO2 Power in Powerlets™

A small burst of CO2 from a pressurized cartridge is released when the trigger is pulled, launching the BB at faster speeds than spring power can supply. Experience the power with our Game Face GF600.


We include this feature in some of our single-shot shotgun-style airsoft guns for faster follow-up shots. A product with slamfire allows you to hold down the trigger and fire just by working the pump. Try it out with our Game Face VooDoo.

Simple Joys. Simple Fun.

Crosman is dedicated to one thing: the joy of shooting. That’s why we stock Game Face airsoft kits, guns, and accessories: so that you can have a blast shooting targets or at your next airsoft match.

While Game Face designs airsoft gear, Crosman specializes in air guns. Our history goes back to 1923 in Rochester, NY. With almost 100 years of expertise, we’re one of the oldest air gun brands in the USA. That experience has helped inform our modern air gun designs, perfecting their engineering and features to make sure each one is an absolute joy to use.

Want to learn more about our air rifles, air pistols, and anything else airpower? Reach out to our team of experts. We’ve got you covered.