Benjamin Charging System Cylinder


90 Cubic Inch Refillable Tank

Model: 81001

90 Cubic Inch Refillable Tank

Re-charging is made easy with the Charging System Cylinder by Benjamin Airguns. At just under 5-pounds and 15-inches long, this carbon fiber PCP Charging System is rated for 4500psi and fits nicely in your backpack for a day in the field. A built-in pressure gauge and hand wheel make for a quick, easy and controlled filling.

Capacity is 90 cu in (14.72 cubic feet). Expect the following number of fills (your results may vary):

  • Marauder Pistol (Model #BP2220) - 34 fills (refill @ 2000psi)
  • Discovery Rifle (Model #BP1K77GP) - 28 fills(refill @ 1000psi)
  • Marauder Rifle (Model #BGP1763) - 10 fills(refill @ 2000psi)
  • Challenger Competition Rifle (Models #CH2009 and #CH2009S) - 27 fills (refill @ 1000psi)
  • Bulldog Rifle (Model #BPBD3S) - 8 fills (refill @ 2000psi)
  • Pioneer Airbow (Model #BPBD3S) - 8 fills (refill @ 2000psi)

For other airguns, please refer to our PCP Fill Calculator.

DOT certified. PCP Tank Explanation

Where can I have a scuba or HPA air tank filled?

Check locally for dive shops or paintball fields. You can also contact a regional cylinder tester for businesses that will be able to fill your tank. Whether it is a dive shop, paintball field or some other business providing the service, confirm they can fill to 4500 PSI. In our experience, tank fills range from $5 to $15.

Do I need an adaptor?

Some fill stations may require fill solution FAH007. Please contact your air fill provider for their specific needs.

  • 90-Cubic Inch Carbon Fiber Air Cylinder
  • Rated for 4500 psi and DOT certified
  • Compact Size Fits in a Backpack
  • Built in Pressure Gauge and Bleed Valve
  • Microbore Hse - With Stainless Steel Fill Connection
  • Compatible with Most Benjamin PCP Air Rifles and Pistols
Technical Features
SKU 81001
Product Warning N/A
Prop 65 Warning No


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