7 Tips for Improving Airgun Accuracy

Accurately shooting an airgun requires practice. Here are some ways for you to improve your technique and get more accurate faster.

1. Breathing

One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make is not breathing properly while firing. The small movements caused by your chest moving, and the small vibrations caused by holding your breath entirely, throw off your shot. This is noticeable with long-range shots as even the smallest movement can throw your shot off by inches or even feet.

Try this:

  • Take a deep breath and hold it as you raise your rifle towards the target.
  • Release half the breath and make minor adjustments to your aim.
  • Gently squeeze the trigger.
  • Release your breath entirely.

2. Trigger Pulls

Don’t actually pull the trigger if you’re trying to fire accurate shots. Instead, gently squeeze it. If you quickly pull it, you’ll jerk the air rifle and throw off your shot.

3. Use a Stabilizer

A stabilizer can greatly help with high-accuracy shots. A stabilizer is a bipod that you mount on your rifle. It allows you to brace your air rifle on a stable surface. Using one decreases the need to worry about your stance or subtle body movements.

Even professional shooters use a stabilizer when they want to bullseye long-range shots consistently.

4. Use High-Quality Ammunition

The ammunition you use has an impact on accuracy, so you’ll want to go with the highest quality ammunition you can. It will likely be more uniform in its manufacturing and have fewer imperfections that might affect the BB or pellet’s trajectory.

5. Proper Air Pressure

If you use a manual pump air rifle, the number of times you pump the compression system determines the power of your shot. Underpowering a long-range shot can leave your projectile without enough force to reach the target accurately.

6. Compensate for Drop and Wind Conditions

Pellets and BBs are affected by gravity and wind. At longer ranges, aim slightly above the target. On a windy day, aim slightly in the direction the wind is coming from to compensate. These adjustments should be very small.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

Nothing helps you improve your accuracy more than practice!

Start Shooting with a High-Quality Air Rifle

Of course, none of these tips will be useful if you don’t have a high-quality, reliable air rifle. With products suitable for shooters of all ages and levels, there’s a quality, fun Crosman product for everyone.

Pick yours up and start shooting, today!