Level Up Your Shooting with the Crosman 362

Crosman takes the classic, variable pump-action pneumatic air rifle and levels it up for shooters with the .22 caliber Crosman 362. This rifle is ideal for those looking to ethically harvest small game or to upgrade their shooting experience.

With easy pumping effort—less than needed with a 760—and its compact, durable all-weather frame, the 362 will quickly become hunters' everyday rifle. When you’ve graduated from break barrel and are ready for something more: the Crosman 362.

Crosman C362 Pneumatic Airgun


Meet the Crosman 362.

  • Get small game on the go with pneumatic pump-action
  • Reload easier and faster with reduced pumping effort
  • Don’t let bad weather stop you with the 362’s compact, durable all-weather frame
  • .22 caliber


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