Target Shooting

Target Shooting
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Rise to the Top With High-Quality Air Guns

Crosman has all of the pellet rifles, pistols, and accessories that you need to step up your game and perform at the competitive level. Crosman delivers various air guns of stellar quality, offering a range of designs made from high-quality materials.

From air rifles to air pistols and all of the accessories that you need to make the most out of your air gun, you can find it all here. Discover:

Air Rifles

We offer plenty of types of BB and pellet rifles to help you hone your skills, from CO2 to variable pump air guns outfitted with scopes and sights. Get more from your air rifle experience with products like the Crosman® Legacy 1000 .177 Pellet/ BB Variable Pump Air Rifle With Scope .

Air Pistols

Looking for some practice with one-handed shooting? From CO2 to spring-powered pellet and BB gun pistols, we have a collection of air pistols perfect for plinking cans and hitting targets. Start practicing now with BB guns like the Crosman PSM45.

Bundle Offerings

Having everything you need to start plinking and preparing for competitions can be a major help. Fortunately, we offer bundle offerings featuring air guns, ammo, targets, and more so that you can get started right away. Find pellet rifle bundle offerings like the Crosman P10 Kit here at Crosman.

Hit the Target Every Time With Crosman

For over 90 years, Crosman has been innovating pellet rifles, BB guns, and more so that enthusiasts like you can explore the joy of shooting. Turning to Crosman means not only having a wide selection of products to choose from but benefits like free shipping on orders over $99 and bundle offerings as well.

Ready to find your target? See what we have in our store or reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions.