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This article is from Crosman contributor and Team USA Field Target member Harold Rushton. Over the weekend he won the WFTF division and had top aggregate score (102/120) at the Tennessee Two-Step Field Target Match at the Good Ole Boys club in Pulaski, Tennessee.  

The Tennessee Two-Step Field Target weekend started off on Friday with a Pistol Field Target match at the Good TnTwoSteppistolmatchJune72013006_zps7f08429fOle Boys club in Pulaski, TN. Our gracious host, Roz Sumpter, had prepared his beautiful property well and this allowed us a great place too hold the PFT match even with the threat of rain. Since rain was threatening, Robert Ray, the course master constructor, prepared the targets so the shooters could participate from under the shelter of Roz’s pavilion. This proved wise as the rain began to fall during our subsequent shoot off.

We had a good number of participants with about half shooting Hunter Pistol and the other half shooting Open Pistol. The set up was nice because we were all close to each other during the match and it helped keep the fellowship going during the match.TnTwoSteppistolmatchJune72013015_zps986504f2

Once the match ended, we found not one, but two ties at the top of Hunter and Open Pistol. Ron Robinson and Mike Vredenburg tied for 1st Place in Open with 25/30. Phillip Reedy (pictured above, right) and Doug Witkowski (above, left) tied for 1st Place in Hunter with 23/30. Man, those Texas boys can shoot their pistols!

The winners were subsequently decided with a sudden death shoot-off in each division. We started with the Hunter winners. Since each shooter was shooting virtually identical Crosman 1720T pistols, this shoot off looked to be a great match up. A target with a 15 mm (.59 inch) kz was placed at approximately 15 yards for the start. As it turned out, Doug and Phillip had no problem with that and each made an easy first shot hit. A second target with a slightly larger kz was set at approximately 26 yards. Each shooter once again dispatched the second target with ease. At that point, we moved the 15mm target out another 3 or four yards. Once again, down it went as Doug and Phillip battled for the win! Well, once again we moved the 15 mm target out to the final distance of 23 1/2 yards. One last shot was taken by each shooter and finally Doug prevailed with the win! This shot equates to approximately a 78 Troyer difficulty! What a shoot off with the Crosman pistols! The shooters and their Crosman equipment impressed all that watched. It was certainly a highlight of the weekend!TnTwoSteppistolmatchJune72013023_zpsfcb6a99f

The final shoot off was between Ron and Mike. They also were very evenly matched but ultimately Mike prevailed to win the top Open Pistol title and highest overall pistol score of the weekend. Thanks to all that participated in the pistol event. We will be looking forward to seeing you all again in Tennessee next year!

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