Crosman’s corporate Facebook Page reached a milestone on February 26 when the 20,000th person to “Like” the page did so and joined thousands of others who visit the social site to talk about airsoft and airguns.

“Crosman is a leading social media influencer in the industry and our fans, affectionally termed ‘Crosmaniacs’, freely share their expertise on our Fan page with those seeking purchasing advice, technical help or simply sharing stories,” said Chip Hunnicutt, Web and Social Marketing Manager for Crosman.  Hunnicutt uses the platform to deliver news announcements, often before they hit the wire services. “Folks do enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes, with those posts being most popular,” Hunnicutt explains. “What really gets them buzzing are ‘spy photos’ of unreleased, sometimes unannounced, new products. If you’re an airgun or airsoft fan and are on Facebook, this is one corporate page that’s fun to follow.”

In addition to the Facebook Fan Page, Crosman’s social media efforts include Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ for Crosman and Benjamin, Instagram and LinkedIn.

“Social media is a conversation. Overt sales pitches don’t work here. Feeding and participating in those conversations is what solidifies customer relationships and reinforces brand affinity,” added Hunnicutt.  “We answer customer service questions, direct people to where they can purchase our products and provide exclusive deals and contests for Facebook fans. The conversation doesn’t end at the cash register and that’s a big reason why our Fans are so devoted.”