“The Rogue is a SERIOUS piece of hunting equipment”

The Benjamin Rogue is headed for the record books. Not the dustpile of projects past, but the world record book of Safari Club International, one of the most respected organizations for international hunters and big game records. On a spot and stalk hunt in South Africa, international hunter, marksman and outdoor writer Ian Harford of the UK took a mountain reedbuck that qualifies as an SCI Bronze level record. “We stalked in and I shot freehanded at 70 yards. The Nosler Ballistic Tip passed straight through, causing massive trauma on the way,” said Harford.  The hunt wasn’t over. Harford also proved the Rogue’s worth on a warthog and a beautiful trophy impala. These exploits have lit up Harford’s Facebook page with comments of amazement from traditional hunters and remarks on its affordability by those familiar with big bore airguns.

The introduction of the Benjamin Rogue .357 in 2011 sent shockwaves through the industry as the company established a beachhead in big bore territory. Targeting imported european air rifles starting at $2000, the Rogue’s electronic valve technology and $1300 price point not only got the attention of airgunners, but of its target market among traditional firearm hunters. After extensive field use by these hunting customers and reviewing their feedback, Benjamin has updated the rifle for 2012.

EPiC 2.0

“We learned that customers rarely used the Low power setting, opting for the High setting in nearly every instance”, stated Ed Schultz, Director of Design Engineering for Crosman. “By removing the Low Power option, the EPiC panel is simplified, the gun has greater shot-to-shot consistency and more velocity on the high end.” The result is an additional 15 foot pounds of energy for an already devastating hunting rifle.

Shooters now have the option of selecting one of four pre-programmed settings: Heavy Medium / Heavy High and Light Medium / Light High. Where traditional big bore air rifles get one great shot, the Rogue set to Heavy (grain weight) High (power) gets three at a targeted 200 fpe. Set to Heavy Medium, this increases to 7 great shots at 180 fpe.

When the shooter goes with a lightweight bullet (135 grains or less) set to high power they can expect four shots at a targeted 176 fpe. Set to Light Medium, the shot count goes up to 12 with 148 fpe.

More reliability, more consistency. And more shots than big bore airguns at any price level.

Hardware Changes

Rogue 2.0 can now be filled from empty with a handpump! “The Rogue has been the first big bore gun for many of its owners and we wanted to enable the option of a handpump for those folks who may not want to invest in a tank or don’t have an easy way to get a tank filled,” said Thomas Clark, Product Manager for the Rogue. With the new Turbo Aire Hand Pump right around the corner, this option becomes even more attractive.

Also updated is the rotary magazine. “The new design of the magazine feeds all shapes of .357 caliber bullets perfectly, whether they are the Benjamin eEXTREME Pursuit flat nose or hollow points or your own cast bullets,” said Eric St. Phillips, Design Engineer for the Rogue.

5 Star Reviews

“This is a well crafted and excellent weapon. It happens to use air but don’t underestimate its ability to knock down game. The Benjamin Rogue is a reliable solution for game from rabbits to hogs and everything in between.” – Hegoat, from cabelas.com.

“Out of my 20-something guns, this is my favorite to shoot. The e-valve system is out of this world, works very well. This gun rocks!!!” – Raymond, from pyramydair.com.

“Amazing, fun and a freakin’ sledgehammer. The Rogue is a beast, plain and simple.” – DT, from crosman.com.

“I now own two if that tells you how much I think of them. This rifle DELIVERS. The CenterPoint scope (included with the Limited Edition) is top-notch and the gun is a precision work of art. VERY quiet and it conserves a lot of air.” – docriley, from Gateway to Airguns forum.

The Rogue may be purchased through our online partners and a Limited Edition package is available exclusively at crosman.com. It includes:

– Rogue .357 featuring the patent-pending eVALVE technology and EPiC panel

– Power Class 3-12x44mm optic from CenterPoint® Hunting & Outdoors

– 3/8 dovetail optics mounting rings

– Bipod with folding, height-adjustable legs

– Custom embroidered soft case

– Three year extended warranty

Barry Stewart, a member of the Benjamin Prostaff, made the the Rogue his Prostaff Pick, “The sport of calling predators is growing strong and a hunter shooting the Rogue is the top predator of them all.” Barry’s “Porkchop Pack” adds two boxes of Nosler 145-grain Ballistic Tip bullets, a box of Benjamin Pursuit 158-grain bullets and an additional 6-round magazine.

To read more about Ian’s observations on the Benjamin Rogue, check out his cover story article in Air Gunner magazine, the largest such publication in the UK. Click here to download the PDF.

And don’t miss Ian’s video review of the Rogue: