If you haven’t heard the name Les Bear Chase, it’s time to pay attention. He sprung onto the airgun scene by being named the 2013-14 Compressed Airgun Hunter of the Year by Trophy Game Records of the Year in recognition of his efforts with the Benjamin Rogue .357 rifle. During that stretch he was successful on a number of exotics and finished the year with a massive 410″ elk.

Anxious to continue his airgun hunting exploits, Les picked up a Benjamin Bulldog .357 when they were announced in early 2015. First up: a trip to Hillside Game Service and Ranch in Aurora, Maine for trophy boar. Les has a long relationship with the outfit and its owner, Scott Beede. The first morning the pair went in search of a particular large tusked and bodied boar considered to be the biggest on the property.

Les tops his Bulldog with a Leupold 1.25-4.25 VX-R Pig Plex scope zeroed at fifty yards and shoots the Benjamin by Nosler 145 grain ballistic tip air bullets. He utilizes an eight cubic foot fiber tank with a 70 cubic foot backup tank for fills.

The multishot-capable Bulldog proved its worth quickly. Les drew down on a 380 pound boar moving right to left, putting one shot behind the shoulder at 35 yards. The bruiser went 30 yards and died. As Les and Scott checked on it, a second Hogzilla was heard coming through the woods and this huge 421 pound beast emerged just 30 yards away. At 28 yards, Les put a Nosler a half inch below the left ear, dropping it instantly.

The New Hampshire-based hunter is looking forward to additional opportunities this year on Gemsbok, Addax and Eland, all with the Bulldog.