Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force JROTC Cadets descended upon Anniston, Alabama last weekend to participate in the 2012 All Service JROTC National Championship.  The top teams from all branches were represented by Cadets in the two-day event, 225 competitors in all.

Crosman was well represented as 28 schools out of 38 participating were using the Crosman Challenger air rifle.

Participants competed in Sporter or Precision classes, taking shots from prone, kneeling and standing positions. Precision air rifle is modeled after Olympic-style shooting with shooters using specialized target rifles and equipment. Sporter air rifle is for competitors who prefer to compete with little customization or specialized equipment. The Crosman Challenger is a Sporter class rifle and when the weekend was done it would prove to be the dominant gun of the field.

Flowing Wells High School of Tucson, Arizona, coached by Major Dewitt and, came out of Day One with a 20 point lead over the field.  Day Two consisted of much of the same as Flowing Wells went on to win the Championship over other top rated teams including Daleville High School (Army), Ozark High School (Army)  and King George High School (Navy).

Congratulations to all the schools that participated in the championship  and to the top JROTC shooter Alexandrea Provine of Flowing Wells.  Her teammates Tyler Rico (2nd top shooter), Wayne Smith and Paul Hurd brought home the trophy and got their coach a championship – well done Cadets!

Mark DeBoard, Shooting Services Manager for Crosman, was on hand for the event. “It’s always a pleasure for me to attend the JROTC Championships and meet the Cadets and coaches that represent their schools.  Shooting sports is a mentally tough sport that requires complete concentration, the ability to overcome an errant shot, and the discipline to repeat the good ones.  Much different than any other high school sport, it does not require the speed of, say, a soccer player or the height of a basketball player.  It requires the self discipline and mental toughness that will accompany these Cadets for life’s journey.  So again,  I say congratulations to all the Cadets who represented themselves and the schools they attend as they are all winners!”

Top Army winning team – Flowing Wells HS, AZ – Crosman Challengers
Top MC winning team – R-S Central HS, NC – Crosman Challengers
Top Navy winning team – King George HS, VA – Crosman Challengers
Top AF winning team – South Anchorage, AK – Crosman Challengers

Lieutenant Colonel Tom McClain, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor and AFJROTC Coach for Buckeye Union High School which finished 13th of over 3,000 Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force JROTC air rifle teams, believes the Challenger rifles gained his team over 100 points “versus the other option.” Upon receiving the rifles earlier this year, “it was a turning point for our team. The Challenger’s advantage of superior reliability, maintainability, ease of use, and the psychological aspect of being the equivalent of getting the prettiest girl / most handsome guy to to take you to the prom are what make the Challenger first among equals.”

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Tyler Rico of Flowing Wells HS takes aim with the Challenger. Teammate Alexandrea Provine customized the stock.
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