Crosman Corporation’s return to the Archery Trade Association’s annual industry tradeshow was expected to be not much more than the coming out party for the company’s new line of CenterPoint-branded crossbows. While the response to the Sniper, Tormentor and XR175 has been fantastic, when the sun rose on January 4, 2016, the breakfast conversation began with, “did you see that Shockey video?!” By the end of the 3-day 2016 ATA show, over a quarter million had seen it and Ammoland named the Pioneer Airbow one of the event’s highlights.ammoland-logo

Few products, maybe none, had attendees clamoring as much as the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow by Crosman. This archery-air rifle uses PCP technology and compressed air to send arrows at the fastest velocity the archery industry has seen yet, 450 FPS, and boasts 160 fpe, without the use of limbs or cams. The overwhelming majority of attendees were enthusiastic about the Airbow for all types of big game and predator hunting.