There’s been quite a bit of snow here in upstate New York recently, but that hasn’t kept prostaffer Doug Trumpowsky out of the woods.

There is all ways something to hunt.

Here in New York our small game seasons have ended. I was out on a late-season coyote hunt in the early morning with no luck (i’ts hard to get them to come to a call during mating season).  In New York we can hunt red squirrels all year with no limits so walking into some pine trees on the way back to the truck I heard some reds barking in the treetops. They are fun to hunt and always on the move, like they’ve had an energy drink and a pound of sugar. With my trusty .25 caliber Marauder in hand and a full charge of air I managed to get two of these tree rats with the Benjamin Domed 27.8 gr pellets shooting at 835 fps.

Recently we as sportsman have been hit hard with new laws on guns and ammunition. I cannot find a box of .22 caliber Long Rifle ammunition in the stores. I hear that when ammo is more abundant the price will be double. I was buying .22  ammo for four to eight cents a shot. I think I will hunt and shoot a lot more using my Crosman air rifles since they do just as good if not better, are a lot more quiet and at 3¢  a shot for a .22 caliber pellet and 6¢ for my .25 caliber pellets I can shoot more.