The rolling hills of the Finger Lakes and the roar of big blocks V8’s provided the perfect backdrop to a perfect weekend for the Crosman Shooting services crew and the Crosman ProStaff.

Amidst semi’s advertising everything from M&M’s to Lowe’s and the Home Depot was the display voted the 2nd most popular attraction at the Centurion Boats at the Glen NASCAR race. Under the big red tent with the shooting services trailer and ranges coming off the back, the staff from Crosman had shooters from all ages and walks of life taking their shot at the airgun range in addition to showing the new crossbow line to the public for the first time.


Firing both the workhorse 1077’s and flashy Nightstalker the most recognizable sound of the weekend, aside from the Sprint Cars roaring by just behind the booth, was the sound of lead on steel as target after target fell in the range. For a small donation to the Kyle Petty Victory Junction shooters could try their hand at setting the quickest time for the weekend and winning a TAC 1 Extreme break barrel. Competition was fast and furious all weekend long as times kept getting lower and lower.

Friday saw last year’s winners Dave and Bill McDonald post a .90 seconds, beating last year’s winning time. But the winner for the weekend put up the winning time early on Saturday with an unbelievable .76 seconds. Garrett Eimiller watched as many tried but no one could come close to his amazing time, not even the Crosman ProStaff.


But not all who came to visit the Crosman Tents came to see how fast they could shoot; most came as first time shooters or shooters who just hadn’t had a chance to experience the joys of shooting an airgun in a long time. Among the several thousand shooters who came through many were the shooters of tomorrow, getting to handle a gun for the first time was a thrill for them.

With some quick instruction from the Crosman staff and a pair of safety glasses on they were ready to shoot. Hearing the plink of the pellet hitting the steel face of the target and watching as it fell made many youngsters weekends.


One little 8 year old girl was so excited by her first shooting experience on Friday that she made her grandfather take her to Walmart on Saturday so she could get her first gun. She proudly showed us her brand new pink 760 and a couple of target groups she had shot, on Sunday morning. Running hundreds of shooters a day through the range made for long days for everyone but seeing the smiles on a little kids face (and watching mom and dad brag and cheer behind them) as that first target fell made it all worth it. Wandering the infield of the course you could see Team Crosman hats on the head of those young shooters who had hit a perfect 12 for 12 on their first try.

Still others who knew the Crosman line were blown away to see the Bristol and the Teton, our new Crossbow line. Scott Alread from Crosman Archery was there to guide almost 3,000 people in their first experience with the latest and greatest in crossbow technology. Nearly everyone who shot it was amazed by the accuracy and power that it could deliver. Within just a few seconds of picking it up, and some expert instruction, most were putting arrows through the center ring. (Be sure to read Scott’s blog on the archery site for all the details)


A huge thanks to the thousands that joined us in making a donation to the Kyle Petty Victory Junction Gang and the entire NASCAR nation for the great weekend and great stories. We can’t wait to see you all next year at the Glen for some more exciting time in the range and to show you our next exciting innovations and inventions.

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