How to Install the QB78 Repeater Upgrade Kit - YouTube

Archer Airguns is a certified Crosman Service Center based in Fairport, New York.  The online dealer has long supplied repair parts for classic Crosman air rifles and they specialize in resealing PCP rifles including the Benjamin Discovery, Marauder and Challenger. This is a guest post by Archer Airguns. Performance claims and compatibility assurances are made solely by Archer Airguns.

The Crosman 160 air rifle was manufactured from 1956 to 1971. Many thousands are still cherished by their owners and in use today.

The 160 was a very adaptable platform with many aftermarket upgrades developed over the years. The latest is the “Holy Grail” of 160 upgrades, a genuine 10-shot repeater, developed 58 years after the original 160 design. The 160 was designed by Crosman employee Rudy Merz in Fairport, New York in 1955. The 160 Repeater Upgrade was designed in the same Fairport, NY in 2013 by Stephen Archer of Archer Airguns, Inc.

The 160 Repeater uses the Benjamin Marauder magazine, together with USA-manufactured, high quality CNC-machined parts to provide true, bolt action, magazine feed capability for the 160. It also provides a solid, simple scope mount for the first time ever on the 160.

Collectors of the 160 will appreciate the complete reversability of the Repeater Upgrade.  An original 160 can be returned to its original single-shot form at any time after conversion.

Before conversion:



After conversion:



The conversion kit is available on the Archer Airgun website for $164.99.

Click here to view a video of the 160 Repeater Upgrade in action as well as how-to installation guide.



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  1. terry

    I recently purchased a new valve assembly for my Crossman 180, it fixed the problem of leaking CO2 so I thank you for your advice. On a side note, I had to cut the valve stem down slightly, my rifle must have been an early model, also it was sold by Sears.