Stephen Archer

Photo: Stephen Archer checks repaired Benjamin PCP air rifles before they are returned to their owners. 


This well known NY-based online dealer has long supplied repair parts for classic Crosman air rifles, such as the 160. Now Archer Airguns repair personnel have been factory-trained at Crosman and specialize in resealing PCP air rifles, including the Benjamin Discovery, Marauder and Challenger 2009.

Archer Repair Docket

Uniquely, Archer Airguns is offering a guaranteed turnaround time of three weeks for repairs so owners know when their airgun will be returned. An Expedited Service option reduces that to just two weeks, if required.

“Customers tell us they hate waiting indefinitely for their airgun to be repaired,” said Stephen Archer, the President of Archer Airguns. “They also want to order repairs online and see transparent presentation of cost and benefits for these services. That’s what we are offering through”

Specialization has always been Archer Airguns policy: so they are concentrating on repairs to a limited range of Crosman and Benjamin PCP airguns. But look for that range to expand in future!

To learn more about Archer Airguns and their repair services, please visit them online.

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