The sleds are back in the garage, kids are huddled by the tv and everyone is stuck inside after the Christmas weekend blizzard.  What’s an airgun shooter to do? We posed this question to our Prostaff……

“Try plinking icicles (be aware of your backstop and surroundings).  If you’re not much for going back outside in the cold, nothing beats a CO2 pellet gun in the basement with a pellet trap!” said Brad Webb. No pellet trap? If you’re not using them to keep warm, a couple old blankets will work in a pinch.  Don’t forget the shooting glasses.

For the fathers out there, “Grab one of the cardboard boxes left over from your Christmas presents and stuff it with old phone books or tightly-packed newspaper,” says Steve Upham. ” Have Dad place it on a snowbank with a target taped to it.  Better yet, have him tape 3-4 balloons to it.  Take the screen off a window and kids can shoot safely right from the house.”

Mark DeBoard suggests taking the day to clean your guns and checking out what’s new at, “but if you have to shoot something, how about those terrible-tasting Christmas cookies.  They make great targets and explode when you shoot them.”

“At my house we string popcorn for the tree. Leave the popcorn strings on the tree when you take it down and set the tree in the yard – instant target shooting! Getting all those kernels shot off the string is harder than it looks,” says Chip Hunnicutt.

Stay warm and have fun out there!

Photo credit:  ©Jeremy & Claire Weiss/Day19.