Throughout the halls and factory floor of Crosman Corporation, the chatter is not always about designing and manufacturing the world’s best airguns – just as often it is about shooting them. Crosman engineer Doug Trumpowsky joined the company three years ago and is a talented trap shooter and outdoorsman:

My favorite time hunting with an air gun was when I was 14, when we would go to our camp in the Adirondack Mountains. My parents bought me a Crosman 1400 for Christmas in a .22 cal pump rifle and the red squirrels that summer didn’t have a chance. I also took two woodchucks with the 1400. Just a little note about the 1400, I got in a little trouble with it when I took my sister’s Barbie and Ken Dolls and they found their way into the pellet trap. They didn’t hold up  very well to the pellets for some reason….

My tip on hunting with an air gun is take your time.  Don’t hurry a shot, press the trigger slowly. After a shot, wait a little bit before picking up your game; because of the low muzzle noise it will not scare other game. Another nice thing when using an air gun in the field is the pellet will not travel as far as a rimfire bullet.

Doug has also participated in field target shooting with his son.  They competed in the Hunter Division of the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship held on the Crosman campus in July.  Doug is shooting the Remington® NPSS Carbon Fiber .22cal in the photo above.  Powered by Nitro Piston technology, the rifle fires a .22 caliber pellet up to 950fps, delivering 23fpe at the muzzle, making it a great choice for squirrel hunting.