Named among the NRA’s Top 100 Guns for 2011, anticipation for the Rogue .357 from Benjamin® has reached a fever pitch and today Crosman releases the package details:

Price:  $1,500.00

The Rogue will be available in a limited quantity in May.  Click here to sign up to be among the first to learn of its availability.

What are folks saying about the Rogue?

“It is stunning. The technology is fantastic!” – Jim Shockey See the video

“I love it! That rifle will put coyotes down at 75 yards and put ’em down right there.” – Barry Stewart, Predator Specialist See the video

“This is a game changer.” – Michael Bane, Outdoor Channel  See the video

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  1. Jeff

    I would really like to get my hands on one, but at that price I guess I will just be reading about them. If you need someone to test one and do a review on it I am more than willing.

  2. J.Corton

    I’m interested to see (a) how quickly and deeply the premium trails off and (b) how quickly you distribute the technology across other models. Limiting the technology maintains model identity and premiums, but diffusing the technology across models will amortize production costs and improve the brand as a whole. Narrow or deep; what’s the plan? Guess we’ll see. Good luck you guys! I’ll be watching — along with many others.

  3. Dave Smith

    Myself too rich for my blood. Gonna have to wait or buy another nice powder burner rig at alot cheaper price tag. A company can and does price themselfs out of the market place with a price like that I wish Crosman all the best. Not trying to be mean just honest. Heck take away some of the goodies that you are throwing in with the rogue and lower the price for the rifle alone. I bet if you came way down in retail price to say under a grand you might not hurt a customers wallet so bad and thus your profit from sales would be alot better in the long run. Again all the best to ya and the Rogue…..

    • Chip @ Crosman

      Along with the Nosler® 145gr Ballistic Tip® bullets, there will also be Benjamin Pursuit bullets in a 90gr hollowpoint and 175gr round nose.

  4. Roy Weeks

    You Just took this rifle right outa my hands & the hands of MOST of the Astout Crosman fans who rely on Crosman for a quality product with an unsnobby, realistic price & who also happen to be family folk on a budget!! I will buy a Corsair for 575!!

    • chris

      I concur, reminds me of the gent who ran for mayor in NYC his tag line was

      “The rent is too dam high”

      I must say here it is the same. loose some electronics and make some mechanical dropping the price(perhaps), A powder burner has got to cost less then this, even with ammo being expensive!

      • dave

        do you guys have a layaway plan. i would like to own one, but a bit much for me all at once. i think this is the future guns will go. this reminds me of the lewis n clark gun used on their expedition.

      • bill

        where can I get one. is it gen2 or now gen3? i have my own 56mm scope.

      • bill

        pyramid air said this model is discontinued. sad.

  5. Brian McKenna


  6. S Robinson

    WOW! As a Mrod & Disco owner I was hoping it was less. Keep the extras & just sell me the gun & 2 year warranty for $800 or 3 year $900. I’ll be getting the 9mm Evanix if it cost less than $1000. Sorry guys price is just too steep.


    I can’t believe the price” it is out of my reach even at a discountr.I could buy a real fire arm like the Ruger or Browning in large caliber.

  8. D. G.

    I guess Crossman is setting the standard for the marksman that wants to spend a lot of money. Wonder what makes this gun so much better to justify the price? I will wait to see how it compares to the others that cost much less.

  9. airgunner1

    Outstanding. I’m glad Crosman is marketing this product and at this price point. To all the complainers, this is no Mrod or Disco. Both of those rifles are inexpensive (albeit US made) knock-offs of European airguns that were already available. They were and are great guns, but really weren’t innovative in any arena but price. The Rogue is a completely unique rifle, showing incredible innovation, and in a format never before available on the market. of course it’s priced much higher than an Mrod. it is NOT a Marauder, and obviously never was intended to be.

    Sure, biuild it cheaply and price it at $800 and the market would be bigger, but then the whiners would just complain about the poor build quality.

    This is obviously a smaller market item – it can’t be used in all of the same places a small caliber, low power airgun can be used. that’s no the point.

    Remington makes entry level low price-point rifles too, and then also sells $5000 .50 caliber rifles in the lineup. that doesn’t mean that Remington is stupid or not catering to their customers. it means that they’re innovating and expanding their market.

    Bravo Crosman. I’m on the list and will buy one as soon as they are avaialable.

  10. Dave

    Let’s see the performance results showing variable velocities and distances resulting from performance testing.

  11. Dave

    We don’t have coyotes in our area, so give the test results from a ransom rest or other standard testing methods

  12. incredulous

    Why would anyone want to drop $1500.00 on this?
    I can see no reason to pay an exhorbitant price for less performance and more comlexity. Its a novelty item and nothing more.
    Spend you $$ on real firearm and leave these experiments to the trendoids.

  13. Roy Weeks

    AIRGUNNER1… Have you actually ever SHOT this rifle?? You sound like just another expert without ANY REAL EXPERIENCE!! My question would be, innovative how exactly,By marrying electronics with airguns? Crosman is not the first to do so, I’m sorry, but they are STILL following suit as you might say. Have you heard of “DAYSTATE”?? Why don’t you let the rifle speak 4 itself, after you & the other FEW elect actually put it thru it’s numbers, before you start PREACHING to all of us complainers…

  14. Dave Smith

    I am so happy that you have more money than brains. Please buy one for me too since your the person with the tons of green stamps.LoL

  15. Spanky

    Was saving for a Daystate Air Wolf. If the Rogue lives up to the hype, it is well worth $1500. I would consider it a tool not a novelty.

  16. Tony

    I just forked over almost fifteen hundred for a Weihrauch HW100TH and good as it is…. it is twenty seven foot pounds. For the same shekels plus or minus this thing is up to three hundred foot pounds ain’t it ? Why would’nt a bloke go for that? I just emailed the info to relatives in Britain who are regulated to twelve footpounds, or trial by fire, for a dopey British Govt Fire Arms Certificate, and they are salivating over the power of this thing. I cant wait to feel this thing fling shrapnel down range. I think this has to be a major move up for the Air Rifle Fraternity. I am about to dive into a Marauder too. Yes sir this Rogue will be a spiffer.

  17. Spike

    Guys, I really think Crosman deserves some credit here. They are taking a really big chance in introducing this product. Airgunner1 is right. There is (at the moment) no other air gun quite like this. Please understand- this is NOT just another pellet gun. This is a rifle with the kinetic energy to take down medium sized game and combines the electronic refinements and a shrouded barrel (as in minimal sound signature) that make for a very lethal combination.

    This gun will do great things for all air gun enthusiasts. It is going to move our “hobby” into the mainstream where conventional firearms enthusiasts are going to take notice.

    Yes, there are some boutique shops out there that make some really spectacular big bore air guns, but these all are very air-hungry rifles that will only give you 3 or 4 shots at best, and all lack a shrouded barrel.

    I for one WILL shell out the money – simply because (at the moment) there is no other product out there that can deliver the kinetic energy, minimal sound signature and level of sophistication that this gun can. So give Crosman some credit here. You can still have the small bore guns at an increadible price, and the Rogue will blaze the trail to new technologies and capabilities that will benefit all of us – small bore “plinkers” , big bore enthusiasts and even the conventional firearms guys. (And no, I do not work for Crosman – but I did grow up with one of their .22 pumps.)

  18. Jonathan Rankin

    I’m glad the rogue is priced so high! Maybe it will keep it outta the hands of the neighborhood kids who’s parents would otherwise buy one for their birthday, or for Christmas, thinking, “it’s just a BB gun.” It’s bad enough getting House and Car windows broken by an idiot with a pellet gun…I don’t need 100+ grain bullets flying through my livingroom wall because some pimple faced twit two doors down wanted to see if his new airgun could take out the pidgeon on his fence.

    That being said, this would be an awesome rifle in the hands of an responsible adult…like me!!!

    Bravo Crosman, Bravo!



  20. Gary

    The price doesn’t surprise me, there are a lot more expensive air rifles to be had. An Anschutz is $400 more than this. I think what surprises me more than anything is that somebody would want a .357 air rifle. At 800-1000fps, that’ll do a lot of damage to small game, but I wouldn’t want to depend on this rifle to dispatch a coyote or other class sized varmint. What kind of range are you getting out of the rifle? A hundred yards? What’s the impact like at that range? What’s it comparable to? I’m not sure I’d want to take a yote at 100 yards with a .17HMR, but given the choice between the two, I think I’ll take the .17HMR over this rifle. At least until I can see some more specs on it.

    Lastly, what about local ordinances? I can’t shoot a varmint in my back yard with a firearm, but if I took one with this, I still might get in trouble. Is this going to fit into a class of weapons that you can shoot because it’s an ‘air rifle’ and hunt varmint and predators and not get into issues with the law.

    From my point of view, this is a great rifle in search of a market. It’s not a target rifle, I don’t know how good of a hunting rifle it’ll be, but I suspect a 145 grain Nosler will not leave too much of squirrels or rabbits.

    It doesn’t appeal to me at this price point for anything I’d want to use it for.

  21. Jon

    Crosman sure designed there an interesting PCP rifle. But there are other large caliber PCP for less that throw bigger .45-.54 slugs. An electric valve system is neither new, others as Daystate use them for some years now. And for $1500 I will get me a fine HW100 with a solid wood stock and a caliber fitting to small game & varmints. $400-600 would be fine for such rather cheap appearing rifle, but your price tag is way over the top.

  22. Matt K.

    I can not wait for this to be released! I think I might take it coyote hunting here in Arizona.

  23. Ron

    I have a Daisy Powerline that shoots at 1000 fps;single shot; but I didn’t spend an
    unbelieveable $1500 for it-I want one with the technology the early settlers used back in our history,that shot multiple times with a single charge of air-How can I find out about that! now I would pay for that type–

  24. Charles R.

    This is too bad. I understand the expense of development and need to profit, but I was hoping it would be in the $800 range some had predicted. I really wanted one and would have been interested, up to a maximum of $1000, which would have been a stretch. But $1500 is out of the question, and I suspect it will be for most air gun enthusiasts. I guess I will wait until a competitor comes out with something more affordable.

  25. Rodger

    “This gun will do great things for all air gun enthusiasts. It is going to move our “hobby” into the mainstream where conventional firearms enthusiasts are going to take notice.”

    Guess who else is going to take notice? Legislators. Crossman has just taken your hobby into the “All air rifles will be registered” mainstream.

    No one wants to say it I guess.

    Wait and see….

    • Chip @ Crosman

      They’ll go on sale right here in May. Your best shot at one is signing up to be notified of its availability above.

  26. michael w.

    As an avid airguner, this release comes as a disappointment. I, among many others like myself, would prefer a plainer ‘package’ with a more down to earth pricing. For one third of the asking price, we can get a hold of the Korean big bore with proven performance but less technology.
    I have purchased very high end FWB, Anschutz olympic graded air guns in this price range but for a household brand such as Crosman to be charging this kind of prices is a bit shocking to say the lease. Please re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

  27. Maxham

    If this is really is the best production large bore air rifle then I can’t say the price is unreasonable. those that produce the best can pretty much charge what they want. If they don’t then you can’t get them because demand is far higher then the supply. Take the Quakenbush outlaw for example.
    Still unfortunatly the price is out of my reach also.

  28. Paul L. "Sparky" Sparkman

    In my opinion, everything about the Rouge .357 is all speculation until someone other than the elite few have a chance to own and spend time with one of their own. I own a Marauder air rifle in .17 caliber and a Marauder pistol in .22. The Marauder rifle is for me as close to perfection as an off the line production air rifle can be. On the other hand I haved tuned and tweaked for two months on my Marauder pistol and I am just now getting it to perform to my personal spec. I would hope the new Rouge .357 rifle comes in a very high state of tune. For $1500.00 you should be able the check everything for tightness, punch the bore, sight in, and go hunting. I did notice something about the Rouge .357 rifle in the Crosman video, that I did not like. I saw one guy struggle with the bolt because the bolt-handle was too close to the rotary magazine. I think I would have to hold a Rouge now, before I drop $1500.00 on one.

    • Chip @ Crosman

      The magazine has been updated since the video was shot in January to insert from the left, opposite the bolt handle. The safety lever / valve activator has been changed as well, also to improve bolt mechanics.

  29. Dave Smith

    I love my Marauder 25 cal rifle asa well as other Marauders I have had in different calibers. My point is Ruger Firearms Company- just released there 1-st 1911 in Rugers history- called the SR1911 at a MSRP of 799.00. Ruger re-did all it’s mfg in Prescott Az from what I have read on this new pistol by the way which comes with a padded case, and a lock, at the above 799.00 price tag for a 100% American made product. Another words Ruger didn’t try to blast the gun or price out of the atmosphere.My hats are off to Ruger. Now come on Crosman and learn from others as you can still have a good product at a price folks in this day and time can afford. Just honest in-put for what it is worth……

  30. PNW

    LOL at the price. Guess they think those are made of gold. People would be better off to buy real firearms at that price and increase their effective range X8.

  31. usawolfman22

    The Rouge is new, interesting, and a good effort to address the airgun “big bore” segment of airgunning, but testing needs to be done to see if Crosman will have a winner or a flop. How fast? How many shots? How accurate? How quiet? Whats up with the computer on the gun and the charging system? What ammo is best? I asked all these questions before buying my first Wolf, which led me to purchase my second -a .22cal Tactical with Huggett shroud. Im sure future Rouge owners will be looking for answers like I did before laying down 1500.00 on a Crosman. This is a gun with a specific purpose-hunting large game. I guess it would be cool to shoot a big deer with an air gun, but for that Id rather have a real gun. Im into shot count, accuracy, power, and stealth, which is why I have an Airwolf. For others ,I guess this gun will fit their specific needs if it has the accuracy and power to do it. Nice idea regardless. I wish someone would make a PCP shotgun. Stay off the Yellowguys-Steve is a real jackass.

  32. derek cameron

    When will this be available in South Africa.?

    • chunnicutt

      It is no longer available internationally.

  33. Rabitthunter

    Hi Guys, As far as I see – it is no longer available internationally. Is this still the situation? Do you know any in Europe that have one in stock?

  34. Charles Lunsford III

    i am looking to buy a benjamin rogue .357 but cant find one anywhere. can someone help?

    • chunnicutt

      The Rogue has been discontinued. But stay tuned.

  35. Greg

    when will the rouge be made again? i cant find any for sale im assuming their not being made anymore

    • chunnicutt

      They were discontinued in November. We are not out of the big bore game so stay tuned!