With the summer sun at full bore, thousands of hunters are thinking about cooler autumn days with visions of furry critters running through their heads. ¬†Outdoor Life magazine, among the country’s most popular outdoor periodicals, knows this and their August cover story on deer is timed for the occasion. But deer are not the only four-legged creatures in the forest.

On newsstands now, the issue features an article on squirrel hunting tips and equipment suggestions. Their pick for a pellet gun is the Squirrel Sweeper ProPick bundle featuring the Benjamin Trail XL 1100. This rifle is a .22 caliber Nitro Piston-powered break barrel shooting up to 1100 fps and delivering nearly 30 fpe, plenty of power for not only squirrels but woodchucks, rabbits and fox.

The Squirrel Sweeper includes the rifle, two boxes of Benjamin Discovery Ultimate Hunting Pellet Assortment ammunition and targets.

Pick up a copy of the August Issue or click below to read it online.