Benjamin Airguns welcomes Ed Schultz, Doug Trumpowsky and Jason Douglas to the prostaff. Benjamin Prostaff have experience hunting and hunting with airguns in particular which the company uses in product development and field testing. They attend events to help educate the public and contribute articles to Benjamin and Crosman blogs. And whenever possible, they are in the woods with their airguns.

Ed Schultz

Ed has been with Crosman Corporation for 16 years and is currently the Director of Engineering.  He has held a number of positions in Manufacturing and Quality Engineering, but over the last ten years, has been instrumental in new product design and development.

Although not a lifelong hunter, he has been shooting air guns since he received a  Crosman CO2 pistol when he was 12 years old.  As often happens, tin cans and targets soon turned into squirrels and sparrows.   He recalls, “growing up in Western New York, I remember when I first learned my new prized possession was made in Fairport, New York, and telling my father I was going to work at Crosman when I grew up”.

Outside of work Ed’s hobbies in the shooting sports are varied and include taking his sons deer hunting in the fall, as well as pheasant and small game hunting.  He has competed in most of the shotgun sports, but enjoys skeet the most.  On the rifle range he shoots CMP high power matches as well as silhouette.   “My favorite shooting event of the year is the Crosman Northeast Regional Field Target championship.   My best showing was a third place in the off-hand pistol event.”

Doug Trumpowsky

Doug Trumpowsky has been a manufacturing engineer with Crosman Corporation since 2008. He is an avid outdoorsman, an NRA safety instructor and an ATA-registered trap shooter.

“Growing up we would spend the summer at our camp in the Adirondack mountains doing all manner of things in the outdoors: swimming, fishing and hunting squirrels with my Crosman 1400. The 1400 was a .22 caliber rifle and that’s what got me hooked on hunting,” says Trumpowsky.

As his enthusiasm for shooting grew, he participated with several other students during high school in the ROTC program of R.I.T. in Rochester, New York. This experience led to his joining an indoor archery league comprised of six regional schools and forty shooters. Today Doug enjoys bowhunting with his son as they pursue deer and turkey.

“My son and I also shoot in the Crosman Northeast Regional Field Target Championship. The shooting sports are a great way to spend time with your kids.”

Jason Douglas

Jason Douglas began hunting at a very early age.  Growing up in south Mississippi, Jason’s father instilled in him the joys of the outdoors early on.  If he wasn’t playing ball, much of his time was spent on the water or in the woods with his father.  “My dad is one of the hardest hunters I know and I can’t thank him enough for spending time with me as a young man and teaching me the ways of the woods that has become a way of life”.  Hunting season usually began in an early September dove field and concluded in late April with turkey season.

Jason enjoys all types of hunting from squirrel, rabbit and dove to big game and for anyone that knows him, rightly understands that the wild turkey is his passion.  Since the early days, Jason has become fond of the Midwest and prefers to spend as much time there during the November rut and April as his busy schedule allows.  He is an accomplished gun and bow hunter but prefers the stick and string and the challenge it brings to big game hunting.

If he isn’t hunting during the rut or chasing a spring gobbler, he finds himself with his Benjamin .25 caliber Marauder in hand to fight off pesky crows, squirrels, rabbits or woodchucks and his new found challenge, the red fox.

Jason is a Regional Sales Manager for Crosman, “I thought moving to New York might have been a bit of a culture shock but if I can stay close to my southern roots through different types of hunting I’ll be fine”.

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