The archery authorities at BowHunter Planet do a deep dive on the revolutionary new hunting weapon, the Pioneer Airbow.

“One of the reasons Crosman/Benjamin came out with the Airbow is safety. Crossbows are great. But they do pose a risk. There is a danger of losing a finger,¬†explosions, due to a lot of pressure on the crossbow. Crosman came out with this amazing idea¬†to eliminate all that and to provide the consumer a safe product,” says Dave Thomas, President of BowHunter Planet. “Being a father, I do like the safety aspects of the airbow. There’s nothing my kids can slip their hands into to get hurt. I think it’s great.”

“There’s a lot of fighting about what the Airbow is – is it archery, is it a gun, what is it, because it shoots arrows with compressed air,” he adds. “Here’s my two cents: we as consumers are asking for better technology and improvements in everything we buy. We always want better and that’s what Crosman did. They gave us something better and safer than a crossbow.”

After shooting the Pioneer Airbow for the first time, co-host Chris McGee was blown away, “It’s super easy to use. Almost dummy-proof.” Check out the full review at the top of this page.