Learning for Life recently wrapped up the 2010 edition of the Law Enforcement Explorers Conference in Atlanta.  The organization is an extension of Boy Scouts of America and offers several career disciplines for youths from 14-21, ranging from Business, Medical, Aviation, and more.  The most popular program is Law Enforcement and the most popular event at the conference is the Crosman Air Pistol Championship.

Explorers, wearing official uniforms of their squad (aka “troop”), could compete as often as they like. Many made reservations so they could be sure of a spot on the 48-point firing line.  Competitors, using the 3576 Revolver and 1088 Semi-Auto Pistol, first shot a practice target to acclimate themselves with the gun.  A slow-fire target, timed target and rapid-fire target.  A perfect score is 300.

Garrick Budrow of Post 140 in New Jersey won top honors with a 284.

Zorelie Baez of Post 818 in Puerto Rico took second place with a 282.

Josh Polson of Post 900 in Illinois was a close third with a 281.

A special thanks to the members of the Georgia Department of Corrections for operating a safe and efficient shoot.

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