Prostaffer and Two-Time Hunter of the Year Les Bear Chase recently concluded five days hunting in southeastern Arizona for mountain lion using the Benjamin Bulldog 357.  Over the five days Les and his two guides covered in excess of 200 miles of rough trails, dust, and temperatures ranging from 29 to 87 degrees.  The Bulldog was severely tortured by these conditions.  Being mindful of this, Les fired the Bulldog every evening without benefit of cleaning beyond a dust cloth.  Each time the Bulldog performed as it has on many of his previous hunts.  Its function and accuracy was admirable, holding sub 2-inch groups at 50 yards offhand!

While not connecting with a lion on this trip, the effectiveness of the Bulldog was never in doubt for taking mountain 523d834a-beda-47e8-86ba-a7b93ac0f497@crosman.comlion.  Les has taken considerably larger big game in the past with the Bulldog.  However, its performance under adverse conditions provided another reason to add the Bulldog to your collection for dependability and performance on a larger variety of big game species.  The enjoyment of the hunt and majestic terrain made this hunt a success.

Les is already planning on returning to close the deal and add a mountain lion to his already long list of big game species taken with the Benjamin Bulldog 357.