CenterPoint® Hunting and Outdoors, a division of Crosman Corporation, has introduced a new, compact sports camcorder designed to mount easily to most rifles, airguns and airsoft guns. The lightweight, highly durable combination video camera and recorder is ideal for capturing shooting sports and outdoor sporting adventures of all kinds.

“The new CenterPoint ActionCAM is a versatile, fun way to record all your memorable outdoor activities,” says Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Roy Stefanko.   “When your buddies don’t believe you saw that trophy buck, now you can prove it,” he said.   “Use the lightweight ActionCAM to capture exciting video of all your exploits and play them on your television or PC for everyone to see.  You can record anything from your latest airsoft adventure, to a trap shoot, or even your big-game hunting expedition.  With its ease of use, affordability and multi-purpose mounting options (sold separately), we’re sure the new CenterPoint video camcorder will become a favorite.  Outdoor enthusiasts won’t forget to include this when they pack their gear – after the camo, comes the ActionCAM,” says Stefanko.

The ActionCAM delivers full color, universal MJPEG video at 720 DVI resolution (720 x 480 native in all zoom modes), with a user selectable field of view (FOV) from 55 to 28 degrees.  “Equivalent to the view through an SLR digital camera from 52mm to 105mm, this new camera puts you right into the action. With the simple push of a button, you can change magnification from normal view to a tight shot bringing you much closer to the action,” Stefanko commented.  Video and audio are easily played back on your PC or Mac computer, without the need for additional software.

The ultra-compact ActionCAM has a built-in microphone and can also act as a webcam when connected to a computer, without the micro SD card installed.  The camera allows more than 2.5 hours of recording time with a standard 4G memory card (micro SD card sold separately), and features a rechargeable 400 mAh Lithium polymer battery that provides 3-plus hours of operation.  “With an overall length of less than 4 inches and weighing under 5 ounces, the CenterPoint ActionCAM gives people an affordable, convenient option for compact camcorders,” said Stefanko.

“This rugged, water-resistant camcorder provides the same durability characteristics as those used by the armed forces and law enforcement,” said Stefanko.  The ActionCAM is “torture tested” and sealed to prevent dust and moisture penetration.  “For added protection, the access ports are recessed and sealed with molded rubber plugs for the Micro SD slot, remote control port and USB connection.  With its durable aluminum housing and solid state components, the ActionCAM is built to handle the roughest environments with ease,” Stefanko said.

The ActionCAM includes a Weaver® mount which allows it to be secured to most firearms, bows, airguns, crossbows and airsoft guns.  Since the ActionCAM is encased in a 30mm in tube, it can also be mounted to anything with an end-user supplied standard scope ring.

A remote control pressure switch can be purchased as an accessory for the ActionCAM as well as an additional special purpose mounting kit.  “These accessories give users the hands-free ability to turn the camera on or off and are designed for use while the ActionCAM is mounted on a rifle, helmet, handlebars, or whatever else outdoor thrill-seekers can think of,” stated Stefanko.

The ActionCAM carries an MSRP of $149.99 and is currently available at retail.