CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors, a division of Crosman Corporation, a leading supplier of products for the shooting sports, has introduced a series of long-range riflescopes featuring the Trajectory Aiming Guide (TAG) ballistics reticle.  Designed for serious hunters, the Game TAG series scopes promise to help shooters shoot accurately and take more game with high-end performance at modest prices.

According to CenterPoint Precision Optics Product Manager, Sara DeMuzio, “The CenterPoint design engineering team analyzed trajectory data from more than 20 of the most commonly used bullet combinations to develop and calibrate the new Game TAG ballistics reticle.”  The Game TAG scopes provide fast, simple aiming points at various shot distances.  “Using the chart provided with the scope, or on our website, simply choose the caliber and weight you’re using and the reticle will tell you which aiming points coordinate with which distances,” she said.  The need for holdover estimation and lengthy calculation is eliminated.  The reticle also includes windage points at your longer distances for accurate shooting in all weather conditions.

The Game TAG scopes offer a unique illumination feature clearly defining which line on the reticle goes with which yardage point. Not only are distances displayed directly on the reticle, but the yardage points for the chosen load are illuminated, offering even quicker and more accurate target acquisition.

The new Game TAG series of riflescopes have fully, multi-coated lenses, etched glass reticles and rugged, one-piece, one-inch tubes made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy.  They also feature a built-in, all-weather, angled sunshade and are waterproof, shockproof and fog proof for dependable performance in the most extreme weather conditions.

Two TAG reticle choices are currently available.  The muzzleloader/shotgun and standard rifle caliber reticle is available in a 3-12x44mm riflescope.  The standard rifle caliber and magnum load reticles are available in both 4.5-14x44mm and 6-20x50mm riflescopes.  The reticles are factory calibrated to provide spot-on aiming points from 100 yds to 600 yds for the most popular loads.  MSRP ranges from $179.99 to $249.99.