Since its introduction, the Crosman Challenger has taken the competitive shooting world by storm. Shooters have talked about it and heard about it and now there’s a JROTC National Championship record to remind them of it.

Tyler Rico of Flowing Wells High School in Tucson, Arizona may not have a driver’s license yet but when it comes to shooting, he’s definitely in the driver’s seat.  During the March 2010 National JROTC Championship in Anniston, Alabama, Tyler shot from the prone position at targets placed 34 feet away and notched an incredible 199-16 (of 200).  Said his coach, retired Maj. Bob De Witt, Army JROTC instructor, “It’s going to be really hard to beat it with a 199.  Someone is going to have to shoot a perfect score.”

The Crosman Challenger has been used in every JROTC National Championship competition category, finishing in the top three positions in all branches.  “After attending all of the National matches and meeting several coaches and shooters, it is clear that the Challenger is the Sporter Class air rifle that they want to use”, said Mark DeBoard, Director of Shooting Services for Crosman.

This isn’t the only story of success for the Challenger says DeBoard. “I also met Elizabeth Hampton (Navy JROTC) who is an accomplished shooter and finished third at the JROTC Championship.  She got the Challenger just a couple of weeks prior to the Championship in February and even though she had little trigger time with the rifle, she decided it would be the one she would use at Nationals.”

So what’s next for Tyler Rico and his Crosman Challenger? After finishing in first place in Arizona’s Shooting Junior Olympics, it’s on to Alabama this summer for the National Junior Olympics.  And who knows, London in 2012?

Photo & De Witt quotes courtesy of Arizona Daily Star