Pictured: Alex Provine and the Crosman Challenger she used to qualify for the Junior Olympics and break two Army JROTC shooting records

The Chicago Bulls had Michael, Scottie and Rodman.  The Lakers had Magic, Kareem and Worthy.  Until now, Flowing Wells High School leaned on their coach, Major Bob DeWitt, and phenom Tyler Rico.  The third leg arrived last week in the form of Alex Provine and together they all helped the team defend their Arizona state title.  And the gun that helped Provine break two JROTC records and propel the team to the championship? The Crosman Challenger.

The Arizona Daily Star reported that both Provine and Rico qualified for the junior Olympic team with their efforts.

Provine shot 189 in the standing position, besting the Army JROTC record of 185, on her way to posting a 570 for the match, also breaking the JROTC overall record score of 567.  A match requires shootin from three positions: standing, prone and kneeling.  Targets are placed ten meters away.  Rico was hot on her heels with a score of 565 for the match.

The team’s instructor, Major DeWitt prefers the Crosman Challenger for its accuracy and its safety features, “having the gauge on the side is thoughtful because the shooter does not have to point the gun in an unsafe direction to see how much air is remaining. The air reservoir is fixed to the gun so there’s no danger of accidental discharge as in other air rifles.  And the hand pump makes it easy for the shooter to fill their guns so they can keep right on shooting.”

Flowing Wells High School of Tucson and their Crosman Challengers will be in Alabama later this month for the Army JROTC Service Championship.

Photo courtesy of The Arizona Daily Star

4 Responses

  1. Bob De Witt

    Yesterday, Alex shot a 576 in practice! Let’s see what happens next week at Anniston. Tyler won’t let her get away with that without a fight. Yesterday in Smallbore he shot a 298/300!

  2. Arnold Smith

    Excellent shooting. It is encouraging to see a rifle made in the USA take top honors. Not to mention that the price is significantly more reasonable than its European counterparts.

    Out of curiosity, was the Challenger modified?? such and different barrel or was it a stock rifle? Either way, Cudos to Alex Provine and to Crosman for providing a great rifle.