2014 Recipient, Champions of Youth Marksmanship Award

David Baskin, former director of the National Rifle Association’s Disabled Shooting Services program, has won the 2014 Crosman Corporation Champions of Youth Marksmanship Award. The annual Award was created to recognize those who have enriched the

David Baskin (2014)

David Baskin (2014)

shooting sports through their dedication to youth shooter education and was presented last night at the 2014 Crosman Corporation International Reception at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Baskin created adaptive programs to help shooters with physical challenges and led many of those same shooters as coach of the U.S. Disabled Shooting Team. He coached the U.S. Wheelchair Shooting Team to an outstanding record of 253 medals, as well as seven world and 16 Pan-American records in international competition, becoming the most successful coach of disabled marksmen in U.S. shooting history. He has served as chairman of the Shooting Sports for the International Paralympic Committee and spent 13 years leading the NRA’s Disabled Shooting Services program. Through his tireless work, Baskin has made the shooting sports more accessible to current and future generations.

According to Phil Dolci, Crosman president and CEO, David Baskin epitomizes the commitment and dedication represented by the Award. “Much of Dave’s life has been devoted to helping people of all abilities participate in the shooting sports. He has positively impacted thousands of people through his training and the various therapeutic programs he developed for people with physical challenges. Dave’s contribution to the shooting sports is incomparable,” added Dolci.

Baskin enjoyed a 33-year career working for an engineering firm that designed and built critical care medical machinery. That background provided the foundation that enabled him to invent various methods and unique equipment for shooters with special needs including custom rehabilitative gun rests, single arm shotguns, visually impaired marksmanship procedures and specialized adaptive shooting techniques.

“What’s truly remarkable about Dave is that he made his designs freely available so that they could benefit as many people as possible, rather than using them for profit,” commented Dolci. “Thanks to Dave, people with physical challenges have been able to enjoy outdoor passions such as hunting and shooting,” he said.

Baskin created an inclusive shooting program offering rehabilitation professionals a new way to assist their patients with refined motor skills, balance, concentration, breath control and self-esteem. He has conducted shooting sports disability awareness seminars for numerous groups, including government fish and game agencies, special education teachers’ associations, Veterans organizations, state agriculture programs, university accessibility projects, disabled sportsmen’s associations and competition sanctioning bodies.

“Dave has taught us that creativity and perseverance provide constructive influences to the well-being of people everywhere. We offer our congratulations and thank him for his lifetime of humanitarianism,” Dolci said.

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