2012 Recipient, Champions of Youth Marksmanship Award

Retired Master Chief Gunner’s Mate (U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Technician/Frogman) Jack Duncan, and his wife Marlene, two of the most successful and prolific shooting instructors and coaches in the country, have won the prestigious 2012 Crosman Champions of Youth Marksmanship Shooting Award. Following Master Chief Duncan’s 43-year military career and marriage to Marlene, they set the standard for dedication and commitment to a lifetime of shooting for thousands of young shooters and their coaches. By dedicating more than 40 years of their lives to teaching the skills necessary to enjoy shooting as a lifetime sport, winning this award establishes them as models for the next generation of shooting teachers and coaches. The Award was presented last night at the 2012 Crosman Corporation International Reception at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The annual Crosman Champions of Youth Marksmanship Shooting Award recognizes:

“An individual or individuals whose commitment to excellence in youth shooter education and dedication to a lifetime of safe shooting has enhanced the future of the sport.”

According to Ken D’Arcy, Crosman president and CEO, Jack and Marlene Duncan embody the lifetime commitment to shooting celebrated by the Award. “It isn’t often that a couple complements one another as well as the Duncans do in their individual and collective contributions to our sport. They have raised the bar for all of us and for their young shooters in staying engaged with shooting’s future. Jack’s Naval discipline and Marlene’s insistence on nothing less than excellent technique in competitive shooting set them apart from the thousands of shooting’s dedicated contributors,” he said. “It is because of people like the Duncans that our sport continues as one of the most popular of all youth activities. The Duncans’ lifelong contribution to shooting is what the Crosman Champions of Youth Marksmanship Shooting Award was established to celebrate,” he said.

Jack and Marlene Duncan (2012)

Jack and Marlene Duncan (2012)

“Our future is young people. If shooting is to continue as a leading participant sport, we must engage and retain young shooters,” said D’Arcy. “This year’s Award winners are the embodiment of that imperative. They inspire young shooters to achieve their potential by reaching beyond their grasp. Master Chief Jack Duncan and his wife Marlene are more than worthy recipients of our Award. They are the bellwether for shooting’s future and we need more champions like them.” he said.

Master Chief Gunner’s Mate Jack Duncan began shooting his .22 at nine years old. It was the beginning of a competitive shooting career that spanned high school, scouting, 43 years in the Navy, post-military competition, and a long tenure of teaching and coaching. He became a certified NRA rifle instructor in 1957 and 10 years later, became an NRA instructor trainer. In 1971, he married Marlene, his wife of 40-years. She was a newcomer to shooting, but, in time, became fascinated with the NRA Shooting Sports Sciences program and became a certified coach in multiple disciplines. She too became an NRA instructor trainer and, together, the Duncans have team-trained more than 3,000 shooting instructors.

When the Junior Olympic Shooting Program came about, Jack and Marlene were at the forefront of designing the training and coaching protocols for young shooters. Based on their winning under the Duncan’s coaching, a number of their students won athletic scholarships to the US military and naval academies at West Point and Annapolis, SUNY Maritime and the University of San Francisco, among others.

The Duncans later formed a new rifle program and trained the members of the San Diego Unit of the Naval Reserve Training Corps Rifle and Pistol Team. The Navy Junior ROTC airgun program at Serra High School was their next triumph. They took the school’s formerly last place rifle team to an undefeated season – first in the league – in only one year. Their contributions to the many organizations they helped continued until their retirement in 2010.

Says D’Arcy, “The Duncans have done more to ensure shooting’s future than any couple I’ve encountered in our sport. They are genuine friends of youth shooting and we applaud their spirit and their charisma. From the Navy, to the communities where they’ve lived, to the organizations they’ve made more shooting friendly, we congratulate them on winning the Crosman Champions of Youth Marksmanship Shooting Award and on their lifetime of giving back to our sport. We’re proud to add their names to the Award’s roster.”

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