Since its introduction, the Benjamin Marauder has been singled out for its accuracy on field targets and small game.  In its latest issue, Predator Xtreme Pro-Staffer Jim Chapman expresses his thoughts on the Marauder .25:

I am anxious to get this gun out for coyotes in a couple of the suburban areas where the whisper-quiet report will allow shooting without disturbing local homeowners.  I have no doubt that a well-placed head shot will drop a song dog….”

With 40 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle and accuracy well past 100 yards, this rifle is quickly making a name for itself in prairie dog towns, backwoods and backyards.

Click here to download the article or view the full copy of the magazine here (article appears on Pages 24-26).

5 Responses

  1. jackosn

    would the Trail NP XL725 produce the same accuracy and power. I would love to buy a Marauder but i live in canada and the internal shroud makes it illegal to own but however we can but the Trail NP XL 1100, 1500, and the 725

  2. Chip

    The Trail NP XL725 puts out 800fps and the Benjamin Marauder .25 is slightly quicker at 900fps. The combination of the Nitro Piston powerplant and bull barrel on the Trail makes it very accurate. It’s a good choice.

    If you’re hunting and don’t mind swapping a smaller pellet for more fps, the Trail NP XL 1100 shoots a .22 caliber at 1100fps.

  3. jackson

    So either one would suffice i only want to shoot grouse, crows, maybey a racoon. i doubt i would shoot a coyote with it

  4. Clay

    i was wondering if you guys have any superaccurate breakbarrels for hunting crows or other pest birds out to 50 plus yards?

    • chunnicutt

      Check out the Trail series. A .22 is going to be your best shot at reaching out that far but 50 yards is quite a poke. Break barrels will be most effective inside of 40 yards.