Hunting with archery equipment is a fantastic challenge. Getting close is a prerequisite so knowing how game will react is critical in order to simply have a shot present itself, then the patience to wait for the ideal shot.

The ability to get close and maintain composure is equally important when hunting with airguns. Last week we posted about Manny Padroni who was able to pick the right setup, remain patient over several hours then hold steady until he could take the perfect shot with his Trail Nitro Piston 2 break barrel rifle.

A Pioneer Airbow is no different. Then again, it is entirely different. Firing a 375 grain arrow at 450 feet per second expands the realm of possibility in terms of game animals, but the skill necessary to take the shot is the same as what bowhunters depend on. And outdoor writer Tony Martins is just the guy to put it all together on the wiliest game of all: Arizona coyotes.

She came in about 25 minutes into the set, we’re thinking she came from a long way. and appeared hard to my left. She rushed in, hesitated for a split second before turning to take off. I was able to swing around and dropped her at 46 yards.

Tony’s review of the Airbow appears in the January / February / March 2016 edition of Universal Hunter magazine.

One of the hottest new products for 2016 is the Pioneer Airbow from Benjamin, the premier hunting brand of Crosman Corporation. Social media was set ablaze when the company released video in early January showing professional hunter Jim Shockey downing a 2,000-pound bison with this remarkable new weapon.

I’ve been privileged to test both the Pioneer and I can personally attest that praise heaped on this new class of hunting weapon is well-deserved.

The pre-order special of 6 bonus arrows ends 3/31/16 and the Airbow ships in April.

Tony Martins with the first coyote using the Pioneer Airbow

Tony Martins with the first coyote using the Pioneer Airbow