Crosman® Corporation, a leading producer of innovative products for the shooting sports, has added a new dual power assault rifle, the Pulse® DP4, and three new spring pistols, the Stinger P311, P30T and P50 to its growing line of Crosman Airsoft branded products.

Crosman Airsoft’s new Pulse DP4 assault rifle offers the versatility of a spring-powered, single shot mechanism or battery powered semi/full automatic mode.  According to Jim Masseth, product manager, “The advantage of dual power is the ability to pre-cock the gun, providing a swift trigger response while the electric mode allows rapid fire for a continuous stream of BBs.  The single shot option doesn’t use batteries, so it’s a great back-up to have in your arsenal when you’re low on power,” he said.

“The new rifle and pistols are ideal for your close quarter combat scenarios.  Their resemblance to standard military issue weapons make them a popular choice for objective-based airsoft skirmishing,” Masseth comments.

“The Pulse DP4 sports a tactical look and feel, with its quad-rail forend and multi-position stock,” said Masseth.  It shoots 600 rounds per minute at velocities up to 275 feet per second (fps) while the adjustable hop-up system allows for precise aiming accuracy.

“A brand new style for Crosman is the Stinger P311,” said Masseth.  It is modeled after the popular sidearm used by the United States Military from the early 20th century to the 1980’s.  The Stinger P311 features an easy load magazine, velocities up to 275 fps and an effort free cocking mechanism.

The Stinger P30T is a new version of the popular Stinger P30, featuring 25 percent higher velocities than the previous version.  It also sports a smoother cocking mechanism.