Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has introduced two new electronic tactical carbines to its extensive category of Crosman Airsoft products. Both new models, the Pulse® M4 and the Pulse® R77, are full and semi-auto assault rifles. The Pulse M4 is an airsoft assault carbine and the Pulse R77 is a sub-carbine for close-quarters skirmishing that is designed and manufactured at the company’s US headquarters facility in Bloomfield, NY.  The new airsoft rifles are available in black or black and clear.

According to Flemming Molin, Crosman product manager, the airsoft category, particularly scenario play, is enjoying a continued rise in popularity. “Airsoft has demonstrated real endurance as a participant sport. Its growth hasn’t diminished, in fact the numbers of players continues to grow,” he said. “These two new models are an answer to consumers’ on-going demand for authenticity and realism. It’s an indication that airsoft is here to stay, and Crosman is determined to continue as a leader in the category,” he said.

The Pulse M4 AEG carbine fires up to 600 rounds per minute and features an adjustable hop-up system. Its high-capacity magazine, all-metal gears, polymer body and removable carry handle provide a versatile, yet maneuverable design profile for scenario play. The Pulse M4 features a front post and adjustable rear sights, and comes with a battery and charger.  The Pulse M4 is available this spring and has an MSRP of $145.00.

The Pulse R77 AEG sub-carbine is a compact and convenient, close-quarters styled assault rifle made with a polycarbonate gearbox housing, featuring a multi-position, adjustable stock. It operates with an adjustable hop-up and has a gravity-fed hopper system with a see-through optic that holds up to 500 rounds. The Pulse R77 comes with a battery and charger and carries an MSRP of $100.  It will be available for purchase this summer.