Crosman® Corporation, a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative products for the shooting sports, has partnered with Nosler® Inc, the world’s leading manufacturer of the finest grade hunting bullets.  Their first collaboration produced a new, .357 caliber hunting bullet for airguns featuring Nosler’s Ballistic Tip® technology.

According to Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Bob Hampton, “Nosler was the obvious choice to develop a dedicated .357 hunting bullet equal to the tremendous performance of our new grade of hunting air rifle, the Benjamin® Rogue ePCP.”  The resultant new Benjamin eXTREME Bullet by Nosler features a red polymer tip designed to resist deformation and increase downrange terminal velocity.  “This bullet delivers superb hunting accuracy and the deeper penetration demanded by dedicated hunters,” said Hampton.

“We are very pleased to work with Crosman to create pioneering bullet technology needed for serious airgun hunting with their new Rogue ePCP air rifle,” said Bob Nosler, President of Nosler, Inc.  “At Nosler, our research and development team is dedicated to providing the best possible hunting bullet performance, whether for the traditional, centerfire rifles or the new, exciting high power air rifles from Crosman,” said Nosler.

Engineered specifically for the new Benjamin Rogue electro pre-charged pneumatic air power technology, the .357 caliber Benjamin eXTREME Bullet by Nosler combines Nosler’s famous ballistic tip technology within a special, lead alloy body.  “The stepped driving bands and hollow base design automatically adjust to the power applied, providing precise control in the barrel, with minimal resistance,” comments Nosler.   The new bullet delivers a sectional density of .162, a ballistic coefficient of .176 and weighs in at 145 grains.

The Benjamin eXTREME Bullet by Nosler will debut on the range at the 2011 Media Day, and be exhibited during SHOT Show 2011 in Las Vegas from January 18-21 at Crosman booth number 12740.  The bullets will be sold in black and gold boxes of 25 with an MSRP of $24.99.

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  1. Terry Signaigo

    Hey looks cool but did any one check state hunting laws becuase in Missouri you cant hunt with gun state law requires .40 or bigger

  2. Peyton

    Is this caliber powerful enough to kill game such as hogs and deer?

  3. Brian in Idaho

    Chip: What’s the latest info on the Rogue Rifle?

    Expected delivery date?

    Price target?

    Ammo cost per 50?

    • Chip @ Crosman

      Info is unchanged – limited availability in May, full production in summer, price TBA.
      145gr Nosler® eXTREME Ballistic Tip® – $14.95/25
      90gr Benjamin® Pursuit™ hollow point – $8.58/50
      175gr Benjamin® Pursuit™ round nose – $12.95/50
      (pricing subject to change)

  4. Lloyd Sikes

    Good to see these bullet prices in print. They are much better than the rumors I’ve seen floating around.
    I think the narrow cross section of the 3 bands around the Nosler will have plenty of grip in the rifling and seal well, but will keep the friction down in the barrel. Should give nice velocity with good air efficiency. Most of the lead bullets that are readily available (mostly cast lead pistol bullets) have too much contact in the barrel lands and hurt the efficiency. All that extra contact area is necessary for powder burners, but totally unnecessary for air rifles. You’re only trying to seal 3,500 psi, not 20,000 psi. That’s been my real world experience, anyway, and I’ve been through 1,000’s of rounds.
    Lloyd Sikes

  5. Lloyd Sikes

    And I forgot to mention…
    Thanks very much to the Nosler folks for designing a bullet that is optimized for big bore air rifles. I’m anxious to try a box of them.
    Lloyd Sikes

  6. Craig

    I, too, am pleased to see much better prices posted for bullets. I’d like to get one of the first 100 Rogues, but only if it can be shot regularly without having to take out a loan for lead. I assume it will do no harm to shoot less efficient but much less expensive bulk .357 lead?

    • Chip @ Crosman

      .357 bullets of any variety should be fine. Keep in mind the Nosler and Benjamin bullets were specifically designed for the Rogue and feature bands to limit friction within the barrel. Velocities may differ with other bullets.

  7. Craig

    Yes, and it looks like a great design. I like to do a lot of shooting, though. I rarely miss a day unless the weather is really nasty. The dollars invested in lead can add up in a hurry! I signed up with my email on the Rogue page at the “appears to be out of stock” notice — is that the best way to have a shot at the first 100?