Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has announced availability of the new MAR177 PCP Conversion Kit.

According to Crosman Domestic Product Manager Tom Clark, “The Crosman MAR177 PCP Conversion Kit (modular adaptive rifle), replaces the upper on your existing AR/M4-style rifle and converts it into a competitive, match-grade PCP airgun,” he said.

“Why start over when you can use the lower you already own, and enjoy all the benefits of shooting an airgun?  For shooters and competitors who demand precision and want more range time with little to no recoil, the MAR177 is a practical solution.  It provides the option of practicing indoors, and virtually eliminates expensive ammunition costs,” he said. “Obviously this gun is suited for the competitive shooter, but what a great platform if you choose to use it on your AR/M4-style rifle for quiet plinking in your own back yard, or even in the basement.  No modification is required on your existing AR/M4 lower*,” Clark stated.

The MAR177 is designed to support 10-meter match air rifle competitions by using the traditional service rifle AR lower for National Match Air Rifle series competitions.  To better serve requirements of elite competitors, “we’ve partnered with two-time, National NRA High Power Rifle Champion, Dennis DeMille of Creedmoor Sports Inc.,” said Clark.

Says DeMille, “This air rifle represents the future of adult competitive air rifle shooting and promises to perform at the highest levels of match air rifle competition. By utilizing the PCP power plant, shooters gain competitive advantage by practicing on their own AR trigger with a gun that has practically no recoil and no need to repeatedly pump,” he said.

The MAR177 features a 10-shot, removable rotary magazine and a rifled and choked, free-floating Lothar Walther™ barrel.  “With a fill pressure up to 3,000 psi and velocities of up to 600 feet per second (fps), the rifle boasts match-grade accuracy,” Clark commented.  “An integrated airstripper reduces turbulent airflow from around  the pellet as it leaves the barrel and provides stability and increased pellet accuracy,” he said. The MAR177 is capable of 120 shots per fill and meets requirements for National Match Air Rifle competitions.

The MAR177 PCP Conversion Kit features an adjustable dual aperture carry handle rear sight and post front sight. “The flat-top picatinny rail system accepts all mil-spec options for the sight system you prefer,” said Clark.

The modular adaptive rifle upper includes a false magazine used for hold and balance that simulates the look and weight of a full magazine.  “It provides the correct feel, so that your hand hold is not compromised,” Clark pointed out.

The MAR177 has an MSRP of $749.00 and is available now.