Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has introduced the new M4-177 pneumatic air rifle that shoots both pellets and BBs.  The M4-177 is a .177 caliber multi-pump air rifle, assembled in the USA.

According to Tom Clark, Crosman domestic product manager, “The new Crosman M4-177 courts a new generation of shooters by offering them an affordable air rifle that reflects the classic, tactical styling they’re looking for, and even better, this gun is just plain cool.  The popularity of this platform is rapidly becoming the choice of hunters, target shooters, plinkers and practicing marksman.  What better way to introduce people to the shooting sports?” Clark asks.

“The M4-177 has an impressive look and feel, and is inexpensive to shoot.  You’ll be surprised at what a great time you have shooting it.  Once it’s all tricked-out with your favorite accessories, you’ll be ready to ‘take it outside’ and shoot up your favorite targets.  Or for family fun, get two rifles and have a plinking competition with Grandpa… or Grandma for that matter,” he said.

“The M4-177 is loaded with features that make it rugged, convenient and provide realism,” Clark said.  “And adding even more appeal to the tough exterior of the M4-177 is the textured polymer stock, forearm and receiver.  The variable pump action is easy to use for right or left-handers, and the adjustable shoulder stock benefits shooters of all sizes,” he commented.

The M4-177 comes equipped with a windage adjustable, dual aperture (2-position), flip rear sight, and an elevation adjustable front sight.  “The sights are easily removed to allow for a scope, red dot, flashlight, or even a laser,” said Clark.  For added convenience, a sight adjustment tool and Firepow’r pellet clip are stored in the magazine for easy access. “The same Firepow’r 5-shot pellet clips used with the Pumpmaster 760, and Recruit air rifles are included with the M4-177 and are available as an accessory, so you can load more before you go,” said Clark.  The BB reservoir is located on the side of the receiver and holds up to 350 BBs. An 18-shot internal track feeds BBs into the action.

Using pellets, the precision, rifled steel barrel consistently delivers accurate groups.  The M4-177 offers velocities of up to 660 feet per second (fps) with BBs and 625 fps with 7.9 grain, .177 caliber pellets.  “The multiple pump action allows shooters to vary the velocity that suits their individual abilities, meaning you have the option to shoot farther and hit harder,” Clark stated.


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  1. Anonymous

    […] tan pronto o tal ves ni llegue….. bueno para quienes gustan de lo tactico aver que les parece. Crosman Announces New M417 Pneumatic Air Rifle – Croswords Crosman Announces New M417 Pneumatic Air Rifle […]

  2. Jarett jones

    I think this gun would be much for affective and fun if it was CO2 powered. With a clip that holds about 20 pellets in it. Or a lot of bb’s and it should be semi-automatic.

    • Brendonkrahn

      agreed. that front handle looks a tad obese………..

    • Redneck hunter

      Co2 would be the bomb. They cOuld put it in the cylinder of the adjustable stock cause I don’t even need to ever take it off anyway. Plus then I could go tactical and shOot rapid shots and not stop to reload. Also a full auto mode or 3 shot burst selector switch would be awesOme. And add more metal to the gun, you can tell that it’s not real from a distance and it would create a more real feel to the rifle. Maybe a short pump length would make it so you could use the rail but co2 would fix that and many other cons of this gun, I just hope that this gun is sort of a building block because there are many more areas to improve before I start to really love this rifle!

  3. The Boss

    would be great if it was Co2 powered and wats with the tiny rail on the bottom of the front sight??? i hope they make a carry handel for this like the normal ones have

    • Brawlings

      They do!  Any actual AR 15 or  airsoft  Weaver/Picatinnyhandle will fit it.

  4. Anonymous

    I do agree that a co2 version would be cool and I believe it will be a reality in the future but I think that true progress and acceptance in the “black gun ” world especially when u consider from a parenting level or anti gun people has to be made in baby steps. You all at crosman have probably done more for this cause than you even realize! I remember just a few years ago the first airsoft tactical and assult style  “clear guns” started appearing on the shelves everywhere.  i thought what a clever way to introduce these guns to a domestic market. I was excited that someone finally convinced walmart that these guns weren’t evil. I once again feel the excitement of change and can’t wait to purchase one of these in the very near future. thank u crosman for sticking your neck out there once again for us gun nuts and keep up the great and innovative work!

  5. cgadad

    What went wrong with the Nightstalker.  I have one and really like it.  I am now in the process of purchasing one of these M4-177.

  6. Bristolview

    Nice job Crosman. Unlike others, I’m pretty happy that this is a variable pump. Sure, that takes it out of the action gun category, but it offers quite a bit of flexibility – indoor practice with a few pumps, 10 meter with 5 pumps and longer range or critter control at 10. I’m only hoping that the plastic is high quality. If so, this is likely to be an instant classic. Nice.

  7. Ironnerd

    Thank goodness this is multi-pump! Keeps it LOW COST and still offers some nice punch! Beasides, CO2 is less than wonderful on a chilly day. I am having a lot of fun with mine. It’s accurate, comfortable, and dirt-cheap to shoot all day! It is so close to my ideal .177 air rifle, that I can’t really suggest any changes.

    I agree with “Bristolview” – this gun is likely to be an instant classic.

    Way to go Crosman.

  8. dirge

    So I got mine yesterday, and admitting it’s too early for the jury, I will vote in favor of it. I concede the fact that styling alone does much for the appeal. I did not find the version with the carrying handle, which I had hoped to, so I went ahead and purchased the version with separate front, and rear rail mounted sights. This too was a minor inconvenience as I married it to a 4×32 scope immediately. I find it a little awkward to pump up in the form I’m used to. I had always relied on the Daisy Powerline 880 as my “first-grab”airgun of choice, being inexpensive but accurate, and hard-hitting. So the lesser power, (although not a heckuva lot), of the m4/177 was unsettling. If I had to rely on one airgun in my collection, it would be the Benjamin Titan nitro-piston ,22, due to it’s knock-down power. That being said, I still enjoy my Crosman m4 177 as a joy to shoot, but in a novelty, more than a necessity way. I think that making it CO2 powered, and semi-auto would be a great advance: I’d buy the next version too.