Break Barrel Airguns Get More Speed, More Power, New Trigger

Crosman Corporation today redefined break barrel air rifles with the introduction of the Nitro Piston® 2 system, an all-new powerplant that generates 15 percent more speed, 35 percent more power, requires up to ten pounds less cocking force, and features an upgraded trigger. Nitro Piston 2 features new patent pending technologies that minimize vibration and recoil, making airguns equipped with the system more accurate than ever.

“Nitro Piston 2 is a completely new system that changes the game for break barrel airgun performance,” said Phil Dolci, Crosman President and CEO. “Nitro Piston 2 shoots 55 percent faster than coiled spring powered airguns and has double the effective hunting range of simple gas piston powered guns. And we are proud to be building Nitro Piston 2 in America, right here in our Bloomfield, New York facility.”

Nitro Piston 2 is engineered to be more energy efficient without adding extra weight. The system includes unique patent pending components that work in unison to direct the piston’s energy.  New Tail Guides keep the piston centered and eliminate the energy-robbing friction associated with metal-to-metal contact, while the Recoil Arrest feature functions as a brake to reduce vibration and virtually eliminates secondary recoil.

According to Crosman Senior Product Manager, Linda Mosack, “The Benjamin Trail series is the first to be remade with the incredible Nitro Piston 2 system and will be available in April 2014. By the end of the year, nearly all our premier break barrels will be Nitro Piston 2 guns.”

NP2_with_Flames_500px“Crosman led the way in break barrel performance with the original Nitro Piston. Just when competitors thought they had closed the performance gap with their own gas springs, Nitro Piston 2 shows how far ahead Crosman is when it comes to break barrel technology,” added Mosack.

In conjunction with the new powerplant, Crosman unveiled the Clean Break Trigger (CBT), an all-new two-stage trigger system that breaks cleaner and pulls more smoothly while being fully adjustable for stage transition. “Unleash the power of Nitro Piston 2 with the best break barrel trigger we’ve ever made,” said Dolci.  The new CBT will be included with the Nitro Piston 2 in the Benjamin Trail rifles and additional premier break barrel airguns.

The new Benjamin Trail rifles are available in .177 and .22 and feature a rifled steel barrel, industry leading sound suppression, sling mounts, integrated Picatinny rail and include a CenterPoint® 3-9×32 mm scope with mounts.

The .22 caliber shoots up to 1200 feet per second (fps) with 26 foot pounds of energy (fpe) and is capable for turkeys and fox up to 40 yards. The .22 is available with a hardwood stock or a synthetic stock and has an MSRP of $350.  It is also available with a Realtree® Xtra camouflage finish with an MSRP of $380.

The .177 caliber has velocities up to an astounding 1400 fps with 21 fpe. It is suitable for target shooting and is effective on rabbits up to 40 yards and squirrels at 60 yards. The .177 is available with a synthetic stock and has an MSRP of $350.


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  1. Thomas Marshall

    It sounds great!! Is this product for real or just testing the waters like the UL77/MAV77. After that fiasco I bought a TX 200 Mk III, which was a real, in production fixed barrel. Crosman disappointed me greatly on that one! I am hoping quality control on the Nitro Piston 2 design exceeds that of the original. I’m still working kinks out of my Nitro Venom.

    The new Nitro Piston 2 does not need more speed. That does not bode well for accuracy.

  2. James Burdine

    Now if Crosman will apply that to a trail pistol that will deliver an honest 12 to 14 foot pounds of energy in a reasonable size for backpackers and trail people for a reasonable price, that would be great.

    • Ryuu

      I agree! That would be awesome for backpackers or even a b.o.b.!

  3. james

    Hi will the Benjamin trail NP XL 725 in .25 cal be improved as well to have an increase of 15% m.v. and 30% m.e. or will these changes just be to the standard size NP’s to increase their power to the XL size but keeping their weight and length down? but give them the magic 30 ftp of m.e.

    • chunnicutt

      When the XL’s are updated, it will be a sizable increase. Specifics will be released when product is available.

      • Rafael

        Love that drive to increase power from Crosman. Can’t wait for a np2 xl . Would love a 35 foot pound!!!

  4. mark

    A couple of questions about the .177
    1. Air guns that make the pellet go supersonic are notorious for impairing accuracy as the pellet reaches mach 1 at ~1050fps. What did Crosman do to maintain accuracy at that velocity, and will special pellets be needed?
    2. Springer power plants are also known to have reduced life with ultra heavy pellets like the JSB Exact Monster @13gr for .177. Which the kind of power the new Benji Trail has, would it be able to withstand use of these heavy hunting pellets on a regular basis without prematurely impairing the gun?

    • chunnicutt

      1. Using heavy pellets will help stabilize the projectile in flight. It’s a good idea to try a variety of pellet shapes to see what you rifle “likes” as well.

      2. Yes.

  5. Anthony

    Does anybody know if you can pre order the nitro piston 2 air rifle? Is the rifle hold sensitive! For the price is there a lifetime warranty for this particular rifle? What is the maintenance to keep this rifle up to par. I’ve been having problems with crosman lately sent out for some parts for a crosman break barrel rifle and got the wrong order I do not want to see anything on this new rifle saying its made from China aware its made in USA

    • chunnicutt

      No pre-orders at this time. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for announcements.

      Standard warranty applies. No new maintenance considerations.

  6. Leon McGuire

    How about a decent trigger to begin with too? Tuning and trigger jobs should not be necessary on a new gun, and I would sincerely love the option to buy one with a nice laminated stock, I missed out on the NP trail before it vanished. Thank you for your consideration.

    • chunnicutt

      All NP2 rifles will get the new CBT trigger (and it’s awesome!).

  7. Richard Hayes

    Looking forward to buying the Benjamin Trail with Nitro Piston 2 Realtree® Xtra camouflage .22 cal as soon as it is available

  8. Ron Forrester

    Sounds awesome! Will the NP XL 725 in .25 cal also be getting the new Nitro II and trigger? I’d so, when?

    • chunnicutt

      Yes, look for new product announcements here or at

  9. ludwig

    Will I have the opportunity to upgrade my current Crosman/Benjamin Nitro piston Airguns with the new Nitro 2 piston?


  10. Sam

    When it comes out in.25, I’m buying one. Until then…I await…patiently.

  11. j-p

    Great news. Will the upgrades be incorporated in the Nitro Venom Rifle (.22)?

    • chunnicutt

      We’ll be announcing product upgrades all year long, stay tuned!

  12. Kos

    Will the new .25 NP2 be available with the RealTree stock? That would be sick

    • chunnicutt

      It’s not currently slated to get it but that could change.

  13. Kos

    Also, will the 30fpe on the .25 be increases with the new NP2 and if so…how much?

    • chunnicutt

      Performance specs will be announced as products become available so stay tuned!

  14. Austin Stump

    I got a question that I would really like to know. Your Benjamin Trail np in .177 is rated for 1000 fps with lead. but that’s not entirely true.. They usually shoot in the sub 800-850 fps range. Is this different with your new Benjamin trail np2? In .22, its rated for 1000 with lead and 1200 with alloy. Is that true? Or is that a little over rated? Thanks,

    • chunnicutt

      Velocities vary with conditions and pellet weight. Our lead weight is typically 7.9 so if you’re shooting the 10.5 grain pellets you will slightly lower speeds. The NP2 is being tested with 7.9 and is on target.

  15. Emanuel Perez

    When the NP2 power plant will be for sale? I want it for a Hatsan

  16. Adam Radack

    When are these going on sale? Is there a way to pre-order?

  17. Eric

    Which .22 pellet shoots the tightest groups with the Trail NP2 when tested in your indoor range? Group size? Distance tested? Thanks Chip!

  18. Luke

    I pre-ordered my Realtree Xtra NP2 in .22. Would you please ship mine first? My home has been invaded by pesky paper targets that just sit around all day collecting dust. Please, help me deal with this nuisance ASAP!

  19. CUZ


  20. Whitto

    Can you tell me when we can get our hands on the NP2 in the United Kingdom (UK).

    What velocities will we be seeing in the UK Legal version ( sub 12 fpe )?


    • chunnicutt

      No specific date we can provide but it is a high priority.

  21. Randy

    I just pre-ordered one with a wood stock. Unfortunately, it only comes bundled with a scope, and it looks like no open sights are available for this rifle. Is that the case?

    I have all the cheap scopes I need, and unless this one comes with adjustable objective lens, it will go into that same pile. Thanks for any info that you can provide on open sights for the NP2.

  22. Chris

    Can you please compare the .22 with the .177 in terms of range and grouping consistency?? I need to make a decision so I’m ready to buy! Thanks

    • chunnicutt

      From the design engineer: “Honestly, I would go with the .22 because it doesn’t go quite as fast as the .177 and thus is more stable. Plus it carries more energy throughout the range.”

      • Mike

        Does the higher speed of the NP2 piston noticeably flatten out the trajectory of the .22 compared to what you get from the NP now through 20 or 30 yards?

      • chunnicutt

        The POI won’t be greatly different but the amount energy it is delivering will be.

  23. Anson

    Are you sure It will be on market at May? On, it says 06-30-2014.

      • Anson

        Do you know it’s going to be for sale on mid of May, end of May or June? I am thinking to get one for my son as his birthday gift at end of May. If it won’t be on market before end of May, I will consider some thing else as a gift. Thanks.

      • Anson

        One more question, is trail np2’s weight really 8.3 lbs for the rifle only? Will the synthetic version lighter than the wood version? Thanks.

      • chunnicutt

        Yup, 8.3. Nope, synthetic weighs the same.

  24. Jonas

    Have you any idea when the trail and trail XL will appear on the european market?

      • Jonas

        Hmm all the stores I can find still only have it as preorders.

  25. Ryuu

    Any idea when the Benjamin Trail XL NP2 will be announced? Specifically in .22 caliber.

  26. GRABLE

    Hi there, I found out about the new Nitro Piston 2 by accident. I have a Nitro Venom and an RWS 460 magnum, .17. The NP chronographs almost exactly the same as the 460. However, as I write this my 460 is off to UMAREX with a broken piece on the cocking lever for the second time. It is going to be sold, traded or what ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have had enuf. Now I will be waiting for one in .17 caliber. Is there any way you guys could email me when available?

    I am a 77 year old man, I shoot those urasian doves. Have a place where they roost, 5 old buildings with loose tin, open ends, doors gone, etc. Power lines, some pine trees and nobody there, but me. I shoot out of my Jeep Cherokee XJ. It has flat windows and I use a garden hose on the glass and one above the door. FUN, FUN, FUN!

    • chunnicutt

      You may sign up to be notified of availability on the product page.

  27. Nick

    Hi guys, I currently have a model 2100 and am keen to shooting with it. I purchased your trail np break barell however I was only able to achieve nice groupings with the artileary hold. I am wondering if nitro piston two can be shot in a similar matter to the 2100 in that I don’t need to use an artileary hold to achieve nice groups or is it going to be an artileary hold airgun?

    • chunnicutt

      You will still want to use the artillery hold for an NP2 rifle due to how a break barrel operates. The new piston system and trigger will improve your groups and if you do your part by holding it correctly, we think you will be quite pleased with the results.

  28. Anson

    I got my Trail NP2 last Friday. Very nice stock and trigger. However, the sound is toooooo loud. It’s almost same as my Discovery which has noise level 4 (NP2 is supposed to be level 2). I am very disappointed with the loud sound. It is claimed VERY quiet. But mine is not backyard friendly at all. Returned it. Maybe I got a lemon? 🙁

    • Anson

      The noise is more from the gas piston part, not muzzle. I believe the muzzle noise is low. How come the new gas piston creates so loud noise?

      • chunnicutt

        You previously compared it to the Discovery. The Disco does not have a piston so it would be more quiet.

      • Anson

        I was talking about the overall noise. That should be what people care about, right? No matter where the noise comes from. As long as overall noise is loud, when we should not say it is a quiet air rifle. I do not know why you guys claimed it’s much quieter than old version (mentioned in several Youtube videos in shot show). The muzzle noise is quieter. But not overall noise.

    • chunnicutt

      We don’t have a stated noise level. It may be exceptionally loud with the first few shots as it goes through the dieseling process, then will settle down.

  29. Mike

    I preordered my camo trail np2 about 2 months ago and continue to wait for it. Do you know when it will come?

    • chunnicutt

      We’re building them as fast as we can! Contact Customer Service (or the retailer) to check on pending orders.